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Looking back on the 2011 NFL Draft 1st Round


takes a look at the top 5 2011 NFL Draft 1st round draft picks.  He takes a look at their ratings when Madden 12 first came out, and then takes a look them with the final roster.

The following is an excerpt from the post called “Looking back on the 2011 NFL Draft 1st Round Ratings/Attributes (Top 5) ” that was posted on Saturday, March 24, 2012.

” In this blog I will look back on the top five 1st round draft picks from the 2011 NFL draft.  I have gathered all of the original Madden 12 ratings/attributes for the entire first round and compared them with the final roster update.

    You will see that many of them were poorly rated to begin with and that several of them didn’t deserve the increases they received throughout the year.  You will also see that very few first rounders received decreases during the season.  I plan to post the entire 1st round over the next couple of days, so keep checking back.

    So, what does all of this mean?

    First, it should become clear when looking at the attributes that many of these rookies were overrated to begin with.  Don’t concentrate on OVR.  OVR is kept down by giving rookies poor AWR and PRC.  Many key attributes are put at an Elite level (90+) before the player ever steps on an NFL football field (this will become even more evident in future blogs).  What’s worse, is that the EA ratings staff feels the need to give most of these rookies increases for no reason.  This type of player rating results in a significant amount of overrated player attributes.

EA is stuck in a rut when it comes to ratings.  They tend to reward every good game with increases.  Instead, they need to take a step back and realize that many players are already overrated and definitely not outperforming their current attributes.

    I will refer to several statistics in this blog, including EA’s most trusted source ProFootballFocus.com.  You will see that on several occasions EA completely ignores the analysis and grading of their most trusted source (PFF).  Looking back on the entire year, several rookie ratings/attributes would have been more accurate if no increases were made at all.”

To read the rest of the article, please click on the following link – Looking back on the 2011 NFL Draft 1st Round Ratings/Attributes (Top 5)


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