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3-4 Over Breakdown


The 3-4 Over is a defense that has three DL’s, four LBs, and four DB’s. The defensive line is shifted to the left. The nose tackle is shaded between the center and left guard. The linebacker are shifted to the right. The 3-4 Over is good to use if you have a better set of linebackers than defensive linemen. The idea of having 4 linebackers is so that you have more speed on defense. The three defensive linemen purpose is to keep the offensive linemen off the linebackers, so they can make the play. The strength of the 3-4 Over is stopping the outside run towards the strong side. You will also get good coverage in short passes with the extra linebacker. The weakness of the 3-4 – Over  that it struggles against the inside run, and you will not get a lot of pressure from your defensive line. Consider calling more blitz set ups to add pressure if you decide to use the 3-4 Over.

3 4 over 3 4 Over Breakdown

Player Personnel(34):

  • 3 DL
  • 4 LB
  • 4 DB


  • The strength of the defense is on the offense’s strong side.
  • Does a goo job at defending outside runs to the strong side.
  • Replaces a defensive linemen with an extra linebacker, thus adding more speed to the overall defensive personnel
  • There are few good defenses that bring pressure on the quarterback from the outside and inside.


  • Weak against power run formations. For example if the offense comes out in 13 personnel and call an inside run play. The 3-4 Over will have a hard time defending against it.

Playbooks Found In:

  • 3-4
  • 49ers
  • Browns
  • Cardinals
  • Chargers
  • Chiefs
  • Colts
  • Eagles
  • Falcons
  • Jets
  • Packers
  • Redskins
  • Saints
  • Steelers
  • Texans
  • Titans

Complete List of Plays:

  • 1 Engage Eight
  • 1 QB Contain
  • Cover 1 Hole
  • Cover 2
  • Cover 2 Man
  • Cover 2 Sink
  • Cover 3 Sky
  • Cover 4
  • Cover 6 Press
  • Cross Fire 3
  • OLB Fire 2
  • Sam Mike 3
  • Sting Pinch
  • Sting Pinch Zone
  • Will Buck 3 Press

Pre-Set Audibles:

  • 2 Man Under
  • All Out Blitz
  • Cover 2
  • Cover 3

Packages: Normal, CB Swap, Safety Swap, Coverage Flip, OLB Flip, MLB Flip, DE Flip, DLine Sub

Key Plays:

  • Cover 2 Man,
  • Cover 2 Sink
  • OLB Fire 2
  • Sting Pinch
  • Will Buck 3 Press


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