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3-4 Over – Sting Pinch Zone


One of my (Kobra) favorite zone blitz defenses in the game is from the 3-4 Over formation. The name of the blitz is called Sting Pinch zone. For this setup, I show how to bring A-gap pressure from the right inside linebacker. What I like about this set up is it’s easy to do, plus I can either rush or drop the defender I am in control to either add a better pass rush or better pass coverage, depending on what I decide to do once the ball is snapped.

The 3-4 Over – Sting Pinch Zone has the right cornerback and left cornerback dropping back into 2 deep coverage. The free safety, left inside linebacker, and strong safety play hook zones. There 6 defenders that pass rush the quarterback. Without making any pre-snap adjustments, the right inside linebacker is the defender that generally gets pressure on the quarterback.

Playbooks Found In:

  • 3-4
  • 49ers
  • Browns
  • Cardinals
  • Chargers
  • Packers
  • Redskins
  • Saints
  • Steelers
  • Texans

Quick Set Up:

  1. Crash the defensive line to the left.
  2. Take control of the ROLB and hot route him into QB Contain.
  3. Stay in control of the ROLB before the snap.
  4. Once the ball is snapped, allow the ROLB to rush towards the outside.
  5. Once the RILB gets past the line of scrimmage, drop the ROLB back into pass coverage.

Where the Pressure Comes From:

  • The pressure is designed to come from the RILB, who shoots through the A-gap between the C and LG.

Coaching Points:

  • For best results, have a fast defensive end lined up at the RILB position.
  • 6 defenders drop back in pass coverage.
  • 5 defenders pass rush the quarterback.
  • You can rush the ROLB if you like. This will keep the QB from rolling out to the left.
  • This blitz doesn’t require you having to control the ROLB for the blitz to work. We like to control him to drop him back in pass coverage.

Video Breakdown:


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