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4-3 Stack – Free Fire


In this NCAA 13 Tips breakdown, we take a look at a 4-3 Stack Cover 0 blitz called Free Fire. By making just a three simple pre-snap adjustments we look to bring B gap pressure from the ROLB.

Quick Set Up:

  • Pinch the defensive line.
  • Pinch the linebackers.
  • Call bump-n-run coverage (optional).

43strackfreefire1a thumb 4 3 Stack – Free Fire

The 4-3 Stack – Free Fire is a Cover 0 defense with 6 defenders rushing the quarterback, while the other five defenders play man coverage.

43strackfreefire2a thumb 4 3 Stack – Free Fire

To set the blitz up, pinch the defensive line.

43strackfreefire3a thumb 4 3 Stack – Free Fire

Next, pinch the linebackers.

43strackfreefire4 thumb 4 3 Stack – Free Fire

Next call bump-n-run coverage.

43strackfreefire5a thumb 4 3 Stack – Free Fire

In the image above, we show what the pass blocking assignments look like.  Notice the left guard slides over to block the middle linebacker, while the center looks to block the weak side defensive tackle.

43strackfreefire6a thumb 4 3 Stack – Free Fire

The only defender not blocked is the right outside linebacker.

43strackfreefire6 thumb 4 3 Stack – Free Fire

Once the ball is snapped, the right outside linebacker shoots through the B gap between the left guard and left tackle.

43strackfreefire7 thumb 4 3 Stack – Free Fire

The right outside linebacker gets to the quarterback quickly and registers a sack.

Final Thoughts

There is one key difference between this blitz and the other 4-3 Stack schemes we show this week. Instead of the safeties lining up in 2 Deep coverage, the free safety lines up over the deep middle, while the strong safety lines up closer to the line of scrimmage, this giving the offense a 1 Deep coverage look.


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