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Quick Takes: 4-3 Over – Smoke Mid Zone 2


The 4-3 Over – Smoke Mid Zone 2 is the Cover 2 version of the 4-3 Over – Smoke Mid Zone. The play is designed to get pressure between the A and B Gap from the middle linebacker and left outside linebacker.

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4-3 Over – Smoke Mid Zone 2 Defensive Assignments

Defender Symbol Defensive Assignment
Right End RE Rush
Weak Defensive Tackle WDT Rush
Strong Defensive Tackle SDT Rush
Left End LE Hook Zone
Right Outside Linebacker ROLB Hook Zone
Middle Linebacker MLB Blitz (B-Gap)
Left Outside Linebacker LOLB Blitz (A-Gap)
Right Cornerback RCB Right Flat
Free Safety FS Deep Zone Right 1/2
Strong Safety SS Deep Zone Left 1/2
Left Cornerback LCB Left Flat

Note: positions and assignments are from  defensive perspective.

Coaching Points

The 4-3 Over – Smoke Mid Zone is a zone blitz concept that sends five defenders after the quarterback. Don’t expect to get inside pressure with this defense without making some type of pre-snap adjustments. The pass coverage is solid with four defenders playing underneath coverage. Both flat areas are covered by the cornerbacks. The safeties play 2 deep coverage. Verticals passing concepts such as 4 Verticals will destroy this defense if the quarterback has time to pass. Watch for deep outs and corner routes as there are not defenders dropping in the curl to flat zone areas on the field.


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