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5-2 Defense Overloads and Stunts


For those of you who like reading about the X’s and O’s of Football as I do, I am  sure you have heard of a site called SmartFootball.com.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out as it has a lot of great X’s and O’s Football strategy content that can easily be applied to video game football such as Madden and NCAA. As I read the article called “The Monster Defense, Overload Blitzes and Angle Stunts“, I started thinking of how I could translate the concepts talked about in in Madden 12 and NCAA 12 when running the 5-2 Defense. In another post, I will post my thoughts and ideas, for now I suggest reading full article over at SmartFootball.com to get your own wheels in motion.

The following is an excerpt from the post called “The Monster Defense, Overload Blitzes and Angle Stunts” that was posted by Chris Brown on Tuesday, 17 April 2012

“Coaches and quarterbacks nowadays are exceptional at identifying and exploiting defensive weaknesses. Defenses now, with the rise of spread offenses, often give away their soft spots by how they line up, and the myriad of reads, packaged plays and options make exploiting those weaknesses ever simpler stuff.

But football is a game of give and take, and defenses are responding. And they are reacting to the up-tempo read-on-the-run offenses of today in two main ways: By becoming more flexible, with more hybrid type defenders to deal with hybrid type offensive players, and doing increasingly more of their own attacking.

The key for defenses then is to attack, but to attack intelligently. Offenses will exploit obvious weaknesses, so the best approach is for the defense to combine aggressive tactics with sound schemes and even to set traps for the offense. And one of the best — and oldest — methods for doing that is to combine an overload blitz with angle stunts that go the opposite direction. This tactic is increasingly popular at every level of football, particularly against nouveau spread attacks, but it has old, old roots.”

To read the full post, please click on the following link – The Monster Defense, Overload Blitzes and Angle Stunts


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