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Get 20 Real Passing Concepts That Have Been Proven To Attack Cover 3 Coverage Consistently Regardless What Football Video Game that you are currently playing. These Passing Concepts Are Designed To Attack Cover 3 Coverage Weaknesses And Exploit Them.

attacking coverages cover 3 Attacking Cover 3 Digital Guide

Of the four primary zone coverage’s found in football, the Cover 3 is arguably the most used. So it’s makes since to learn how to attack it if you want to be able to move the ball through the air.

cover3 Attacking Cover 3 Digital Guide

The cornerbacks play deep zone coverage by covering the left and right 1/3 thirds of the field.  They line up about 10-12 yards off the line of scrimmage. They normally align up head-up to the outside shoulder of the widest wide receiver to their side.

In a traditional type Cover 3 coverage, there are four defenders that play zone coverage underneath. If the defense comes  out in a 4-3 front, it will be three linebackers and the strong safety. Generally the outside defenders (weak side linebacker and strong safety)  will drop back in the flats or curl to flat areas of the field.  The two inside defenders (middle linebacker and left outside linebacker) will drop back hook zones.

By having the strong safety line up in the box and to the strong side of the formation, he provides added run support making it more difficult to run the ball inside.

Get a Complete Grasp on how to Attack Cover 3 Coverage

  • Get the strengths and weaknesses of Cover 3 coverage. Learn what spots on the field that will help make you that much more proficient when it comes to attacking Cover 3 coverage.
  • 20 popular passing plays/concepts such as Levels, Snag, and Texas that have been tested over the years that have been consistently effective at attacking Cover 3 coverage.
  • Each passing concept breakdown goes into in-depth detail how to attacking Cover 3 coverage by showing a play diagram, what hot routes need to be made if any, what pass reads to make,  and coaching points that tell which receiver’s will be open and not open.
  • Each breakdown comes with a video breakdown of how to attack Cover 3 coverage. Video breakdowns range from 4 to 8 minutes long that adds up to over 2 full hours of high quality video.

Learn Football Video Game Tips The Way You Want

We all know that people learn in different ways. Some can read something and understand it, and yet others need to see it visually. In the Attacking Coverage: Cover  3 guide we’ve got you covered. Unlike other sites, we break down plays with video, voice over and telestrations that would even make the Czar of the telestrator proud. See for yourself how we tackle each play breakdown and we bet you will agree that nobody puts that kind of effort and detail into their guides! Here’s a sample of what one of the Attacking Coverages: Cover 3 guide breakdowns look like.

Gun Doubles – RB Wheel

Wheel routes run by the runningback are a great way to attack zone coverage by getting him down side line for a big play. Not only is there an opportunity to throw deep to the runnningback, the ball can also be thrown to him in the flat area before he breaks up the field.

Play Diagram and Quick Play Breakdown:

gun doubles rb wheel2 thumb Attacking Cover 3 Digital Guide The Gun Doubles–  has the runningback running a wheel route the right side line. The flanker, runs a go route. The tight end, runs a flat route to the right. The slot receiver runs a flat route to the left. The split end runs a 10-yard curl.

Play Used To Create Play/Concept:

gun doubles curl flats2 thumb Attacking Cover 3 Digital Guide

Playbooks Found In:

  • Brian Billick
  • Buccaneers
  • Colts
  • Cowboys
  • Lions
  • Panthers
  • Pass Balanced
  • Redskins
  • Run n Gun
  • Steelers
  • Texans

Quick Set Up:

  • Hot route the runningback on a wheel route.
  • Hot route the flanker on a streak.

Pass Reads Order:

  1. TE (A)
  2. RB (RB)
  3. SL (Y)
  4. SE (X)

rb wheel reads2 thumb Attacking Cover 3 Digital Guide

Coaching Points:

  • The idea behind this passing concept is to get the runningback open down the right sideline for a big play deep down the field.
  • By hot routing the flanker on a streak, he will force the left cornerback to go cover him deep down the field. This will give the runningback more room to pick up yardage after the catch is made.
  • If the tight end runs a shoot route towards the right flat, to hold the flat defender.
  • This concept can be created from most formations in the game.
  • On the backside, there is a curl/flat combo that is ran between the split end and flanker. This another great route combo to look for to attack over 3 coverage.

Video Breakdown:

[s3video url=”http://p.redkobra.ultimatefootball.netdna-cdn.com/vod/redkobra.ultimatefootball/gun-doubles-rb-wheel.mp4″ splash=”http://p.redkobra.ultimatefootball.netdna-cdn.com/vod/redkobra.ultimatefootball/gun-doubles-rb-wheel.jpg” preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]

Stop Struggling With Your Offense It’s Time for You to Start Stomping Your Friends

You’ve seen some of the benefits of our package for the Attacking Coverages: Cover 3 guide. Plus a sample of how the guide will help improve your passing attack game. Regardless if you watch real football, or plays football video games such as Madden or NCAA Football, the Attacking Coverages: Cover 3  guide will get you heading in the right direction.

The key point is this: there is now a simple, easy-to-use way for you to jump past the learning curve and become a serious competitor online, against your friends and even in the Tournament scene.

The Attacking Coverages: Cover 3 guide gives you proven, practical tactics without all the gimmicks that you can use to win more, lose less and dramatically improve your skills

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