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Attacking Coverages with the Passing Game By Steve Axman


steveaxmanattackingcoverages thumb Attacking Coverages with the Passing Game By Steve Axman I often get asked how did I learn about attacking coverage’s with passing concepts and route combos. Well I have read a lot of books over the last 10 years since I have been breaking down football strategies. One of the books that has taught me a lot about attacking coverages, passing concepts, and route combos is a book that was written by Steve Axman. The book is called “Attacking Coverages with the Passing Game”. If you haven’t has a chance to check this book out, but are wanting to learn more about how to Attacking Coverages with the use of passing concepts and route combos, I highly recommend buying this book.

Book Description

Publication Date: February 2007

Attacking Coverages with the Passing Game analyzes the structure of eight basic pass coverages (four zone and four man-to-man) and ways to beat these coverages with pass routes, pass-route combinations, and integrated pass patterns. The four zone coverages are cover 2, cover 3, quarters coverage, and quarter-quarter-half coverage. The four man-to-man coverages are man-free, cover- man under, four-across man, and blitz-man. Features nearly 350 clear diagrams and illustrations.

Right now Amazon is sold out, however, Barnes and Noble has it for around 20 dollars. Here is the full link for those that are interested http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/attacking-coverages-with-the-passing-game-steve-axman/1008389538


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