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Using Backside Tags to Attack the Entire Field


Here is an article I found over at Smartfootball.com that talks about how to use backside tags to attack the entire field.  For us Madden and NCAA players,  there are some sound strategies that we can implement into our offensive passing attacks.

The following is an excerpt from the post called “How to use Backside Tags to attack the entire field in the passing game” that was posted on December 21, 2011 by Chris.

“Pick a side.” This common coaching directive, in which the quarterback is given the autonomy to choose his starting point on a pass play, has always bothered me. It’s an abdication of a coach’s responsibility: It’s the coach’s job to orchestrate the assault on a defense –- why isn’t the quarterback given a specific starting point and a full complement of options? Even as a college player, I would sit in meetings or pick up a game plan handout and roll my eyes when I saw these words attached to a pass play. My coaches were no slouches – there was an NFL pedigree throughout the staff, and they were fresh from coaching the first pick in the NFL draft when they came to my school. We were taught sound mechanics and fundamentals and our system was a complex pro-style system. Still, there was an abundance of mirrored pass patterns (see Diagram 1 below) in our system, where receivers on both sides of the formation ran the same routes. While these plays were sold as attacking the full field, I often thought to myself, “If everyone comes open at the same time, aren’t we really wasting half the field, and sometimes more than half of the eligible receivers?”

To read the rest of the post, please click on the following link – How to use Backside Tags to attack the entire field in the passing game



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