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How Would You Like 50+ Blitz Set Ups that Bring Crazy Heat From All Sorts  Of Directions And Put Your Opponents Offense On Complete Lockdown?

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Kobra has spent the last few months in the lab, online and head-to-head play to develop blitz set ups to keep your opponent on his heels all game long for football video games such as Madden 13.

Why Do I Need Over 50 Blitz Set Ups?

Many people look at the number of plays that are offered and ask themselves, do I really need 50 plays? Isn’t that overkill? Of course Kobra doesn’t run 50 different defenses in each game. But at X’s O’s Football, we believe in over-delivering and offering the best value. We don’t want to just give you 24 plays to run. We want to give you a  Smorgasbord of blitz set ups that you can dip into any time you need to change things up.

With over 50 different schemes at your disposal, you can run 5-10 of them in one game, then change things up and bring a totally new package to the field the next time you play. This is extremely effective for online games, tournament play, and even in leagues. You can constantly change up your game so that you become unscoutable and unbeatable. We are giving you TONS of options so that you can pick and choose the plays that fit your style and team personnel. You can switch things up as often as you need to keep new and familiar opponents on their heels with combination of blitz and coverage schemes.

Why Pressure Is Key To Any Football Video Game Defensive Scheme

Below we list five reasons why you should blitz.

  • Score points on defense There is nothing more satisfying when playing defense than to user pick a pass as your opponent is throwing into your end zone and then take the rock 100 yards the other way for a score. By calling a blitz, you can create scoring opportunities for your defense.
  • Creating turnovers – If you can’t score on defense, you can at least create turnovers by blitzing. How times have you seen a defender hitting the QB as the ball is being thrown? Often this leads to a fumble. If you don’t blitz and sit back in a bend but don’t break defense, you will be less likely to see the QB cough up the ball.
  • Force the offense to keep potential receivers into block- If the opposing QB is getting drilled into the ground all game, the offense will be forced to leave in pass blockers to help counter your blitz schemes. The problem with this is it leaves less receivers to throw to. If you a crafty defensive coordinator, you will recognize this and mix in your blitz schemes with 8-9-10-11 pass coverage schemes. With more defenders dropping back in pass coverage to defend less receivers going out on pass routes, you get coverage sacks. The game now becomes more a game of chess.
  • Counter money plays – Let face it no matter how many times the game developers try to improve defensive AI, there is always going to be money plays on the offensive side of the ball. The best way to counter moneys plays is to bring the heat and force the ball out of the QBs hands before the receivers have a chance to get open. This especially holds true on medium and deep passing plays. Force the offense to keep potential receivers into block.
  • Dictates the flow of the game – If you are an aggressive type of player who likes to blitz, you can dictate the flow of the game into a faster paced one. This can lead to a few different scenarios. It can lead to your opponent throwing a lot of interceptions, which in return allows you the opportunity to score points quickly and get a big lead. One the other hand your opponent has an opportunity to score points quickly and you have to match up with him. In either case, the game flow is faster than if you take a bend but don’t break approach.

6 Reasons the Blitz Guide 13 Will Quickly Help You Generate More QB Sacks

1. The best way to disrupt the opposing offense passing attack is to bring heat. If you are able to get pressure on your opponent, you will force him to have to find ways to counter it.
2. Most of the blitz set ups are easy. One of the biggest complaints we hear about blitz set ups is to many players want to make ton unnecessary pre-snap adjustments that take to long to set up blitz schemes. In the Blitz Guide 13, Kobra strives to make sure that it takes only minimal time to set blitz schemes up.
3. In a lot of leagues, you can only move one defender or less. Many of the blitz set ups only require the movement of one or no defenders, making them league friendly.
4. Most ballers don’t have time to lab every single defensive play in the game to see what type of heat it brings. We have saved you a ton of time. Instead of spending hours in the lab looking for blitz set ups, you can do what you really want to do and that’s play the game.
5. Kobra has been on the web since 2001 breaking down plays on both sides of the ball. During this time, he has shown plenty of enhanced blitz set ups that have helped countless players help improve their defensive game.
6. Multiple ways to run different blitz set ups.  Rather than showing just one version of how the defensive play works, Kobra’s shows multiple ways to set them up. That way you can choose what version suits your style of play best.

Example of a Blitz Set Up Found in the Gridiron Guide 13

Kobra enjoys breaking down the X’ O’s Football as he believes visuals are the best way to learn when it comes to breaking down football video game strategies. Using a unique custom made program, he provides plenty of commentary and telestrations  like you see real football TV analyst use. It almost like having a coach sitting right next teaching you the X’s and O’s of Football.

4-4 Split – 2 Deep

A zone defense out of the 4-4 Split that we like to run to apply pressure on the quarterback is called 2 Deep. In the set up we are about to show, we look to put the heat on the quarterback from the SDT.

44split2deep thumb Blitz Guide 13 Digital Guide The 4-4 Split – 2 Deep has the RCB and LCB playing an invert Cover 2 as both play the deep halves of the field. There are five defenders playing underneath coverage. The ROLB and LOLB play the flats, while the RILB, FS, and LILB. There are four defenders that rush the quarterback. By default the pass coverage is solid with those five defenders playing underneath. The deep pass coverage is not as strong as the deep middle of the field could be open.

Playbooks Found In:

  • 4-3

Quick Set Up:

  • Spread the defensive line out.
  • Hot route the RE into QB Contain.
  • Hot route the WDT into a hook zone or QB Spy.
  • Hot route the LOLB to QB Contain.
  • Move the LOLB closer to the line of scrimmage (optional).

Where the Pressure Comes From:

  • The pressure is designed to come from the SDT, who shoots through the A-gap between the C and RG.

Coaching Points:

  • For best results, DO NOT sub a faster DE in at the SDT position. In the breakdown, we use Chicago with latest roster updates. If you use another team, look for defensive tackles with similar attributes.
  • The SDT will not always get a clean path at the QB as the C may end up blocking him.
  • Consider having a DT with a high shed blocking rating at the SDT position. Often he will be break free of the block and still apply pressure on the QB.
  • This set up works against both under center and shotgun formations.

Video Breakdown: [jwplayer config=”myplayer” html5_file=http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/44-split-2deep.mp4  file=”http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/44-split-2deep.mp4″ image=http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/44-split-2deep.jpg width=”720″ height=”480″ autoplay=”false”]

Formations Covered In The Blitz Guide 13

Here is current list of formations that are covered in the guide:

  • 5-2 Normal
  • 4-3 Over
  • 4-4 Split
  • 46 Bear
  • 46 Bear Under
  • 46 Normal
  • Nickel 3-3-5 Will
  • Sub 1-4-6
  • Quarter 1-3-7

Note: there will be more formations covered in the Blitz Guide 13.

Stop Struggling With Your Defense And Instead Start Sacking Your Friends Quarterback

Nobody’s video guide goes into this much depth to show you exactly what is happening on the field. No other site on the web even comes close to the amount of detail his video breakdowns provide. At $12.95 $7.95 we are practically giving the guide away… You get over 50 plays & 4 hours of video, plus FREE Updates.

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The Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 13 is compatible and can be viewed on the iPad and other mobile devices.


  1. Kobra…I’m very interested in this guide but after labbing the 4-4 split 2 deep, I’m struggling to get to get this setup before the ball is snapped. What’s the key to getting this play (and so many other defensive plays) setup before the ball is snapped? Thanks man. Please continue the great work.

  2. Tony, try using the Bears first with Melton or Paea at the SDT position. Run it against both under center and shotgun formations. Dont run it in practice mode, instead try running it in a regular game. ‘

    Let me know that helps,


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