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Clamping Down On The Deep Passing Game


TNT713 has posted a Madden Tips article on clamping down on the deep passing game. In the breakdown, he talks about running a 2 Man Under defense and having the safeties play tighter towards the side line.

The following is excerpt from the posted called “Defense: Protecting Against the Deep Ball” that was posted by TNT713.

“Deep passes have been problematic for Madden players for years.  A common tactic of offensive minded players, regardless of down and distance, long completions are particularly effective in the online arena where players may not be completely familiar with all of the defensive adjustments at their disposal.  Don’t let your opponents take advantage of you.

Quick strike offenses will have to be methodical, precise, and patient in order to maintain possession against a defense designed to force underneath passes to backs and tight ends.  Since most offensive juggernauts rely heavily on the threat of the deep pass, use this tip originally submitted by legacy member “ChuckDRoz,” to keep deep passes from disrupting your defensive plan.

The first step is to call a man defense with two safeties playing the deep halves of the field (ex. Man Under 2).  Before the ball is snapped, call a coverage audible using Triangle/Y then complete the coverage change by hitting UP on the right stick.  This adjustment tells the safeties in the deep area to setup about 3-5 yards closer to the sidelines than normal.  If the outside wide receivers are running streak routes, the safeties will be in a much better position to break on the ball when its thrown deep and outside the numbers.”

To read the full article, please click on the following link – Defense: Protecting Against the Deep Ball


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