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    The Cowboys can not seem to get over the hump and make the playoffs. Last year they controlled their own destiny to make the playoffs, but a week 17 lost to the NFC East rival Washington Redskins, cost them their chance of making the playoffs. The Cowboys were limited on what they could do during the off-season due to the salary cap. However, they were able to sign two new coordinators. Bill Callahan is the new offensive coordinator. Monte Kiffen replaces Rob Ryan as the team’s new defensive coordinator.

    Team and Stadium Info:

    Home Field: Cowboys Stadium Type: Open/Close Capacity: 105,121 Surface: Artificial Turf

    2012-13 Standings:

    Wins Losses Ties PF PA Home Road Div Conf Non Conf
    8 8 0 376 400 4-4 4-4 3-3 5-7 3-1

    Offensive Team Averages:

    Points Per Game Total Yards Passing Yards Rushing Yards
    23.5 (15th) 374.6 (6th) 295.6 79.1 (31st)

    Defensive Team Averages:

    Points Per Game Total Yards Passing Yards Rushing Yards
    25.0 (24th) 355.4 (19th) 230.2 (19) 125.2 (22nd)

    Offensive Scouting Report:

    The Cowboys like to throw deep, which opens up holes for the underneath short passes. Dallas also likes to use a man and zone blocking scheme when running the ball. The offense starts with quarterback Tony Romo. When he is on target, the offense is very hard to defend. The problem for Romo is he prone to making key mistakes in big games. Dallas has a plenty of fire power for Romo to throw to. Dez Bryant came on strong towards the end of the season. When matched up in single coverage, he was almost impossible to defend. Miles Austin is an effective receiver, but needs to stay healthy. Tight end Jason Witten remains one better players in the game at his position. DeMarco Murray, when healthy has game breaking ability. The problem is he gets injured to often to contribute. The offensive line is team’s biggest weakness on the offensive side of the ball.

    Defensive Scouting Report:

    With Monte Kiffen now calling the plays on the defensive side of the ball, the Cowboys will use a 4-3 front with a lot of Tampa 2 coverage behind it. Former outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer will move to right end and left end. Those two will be the key to how successful the defense will be this season. If they are able to put pressure on the quarterback, the Cowboys won’t have to blitz, allowing for more defenders to drop back in pass coverage. Shawn Lee will be asked to drop deep over the deep middle from his middle linebacker position. Corners Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne are more suited for man press coverage. However, they are both physical corners, who can re-route receivers. Both safety positions are up in the air and may be sore spot all season long.

    Unit Ratings:









































    Key Impact Player:

    dware player card Dallas Cowboys

    Although DeMarcus Ware is switching from right outside linebacker to right end, he should still remain one the more effective pass rushers in the game. At 6-4 and 254 pounds, is able to use his speed and strength to get past blockers quickly and get after the quarterback. In his eight seasons with the Cowboys, he has racked up 111 sacks and has forced 32 fumbles.

    Other Impact Players:

    Player Name Position Number Player Comment
    Tony Romo QB 9 Needs to take his team further in the playoffs.
    Dez White WR 88 Speedy receiver player that can take over game.
    Jason Witten TE 14 Getting up there in age, but still effective receiver.
    Morris Claiborne CB 24 The teams best pickup in the 2012-13 draft.
    Brandon Carr CB 39 A true lockdown corner who can cover top receivers.

    Team Default Strength Charts:

    [wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_image link=”http://www.xsosfootball.com/images/cowboys_depth_charts_offense.jpg” description=”” source=”http://www.xsosfootball.com/images/cowboys_depth_charts_offense.png” title=””] [wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_image link=”http://www.xsosfootball.com/images/cowboys_depth_chart_defense.jpg” description=”” source=”http://www.xsosfootball.com/images/cowboys_depth_chart_defense.png” title=””]

    Note: Click on each team strength chart image to view it in a bigger size.

    Key Player Substitutions:

    Player Substitution Recommendation
    Lance Dunbar Package or sub him in at the fullback position for his speed.
    Anthony Armstrong Sub him to number 3WR spot for his speed.
    Jason Witten Sub him to the number 4WR spot for catch.
    Jason Hatcher Sub him in at LE in a 3-4 base defense.
    Anthony Spencer If running a 3-4 base defense, sub him to LOLB for speed.
    Justin Durant If running a 3-4 base defense, sub him LILB for speed.
    Matt Johnson Sub him in at the FS due to his speed over Will Allen.

    Playing As:

    On offense, look to get the ball to Dez Bryant on the outside. Find vertical plays where Bryant can use his speed to get open deep. Jason Witten is not fast, but nevertheless he has soft hands. Find plays where can get open underneath. Providing that DeMarco Murray is able to stay healthy, use his speed to get outside and break off long runs.

    On defense, allows DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer to pass rush the quarterback. If they are able to generate a pass rush, then run a lot of Cover 2, Cover 3, and Cover 4 zone coverage. Don’t forget to mix man coverage as both Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne two of the better corners in the game when it comes to pressing receivers at the line of scrimmage.

    Playing Against:

    When playing against the Texans while on offense, leave an extra pass blocker into pass block. This should give you enough time to find an open receiver. The Cowboys are weak at the safety positions, so look to throw deep down the middle of the field. Outside run plays should be effective as the Cowboys linebackers are not overly quick.

    When playing against the Cowboys on while on defense, double up Dez Bryant and Jason Witten as much as you can. This will force Romo to throw to one of his other receivers. The Cowboys offensive line is not that strong, so calling a few blitzes makes since as they may have a hard time picking it up.

    Offensive Formations:

    Gun I-Form Singleback Strong Weak Wildcat
    Doubles Pro Ace Close Twins Flex Cowboys
    Empty Trips TE Slot Flex Ace Pair Y-Flex
    Flip Trips Tight Pair Ace Pair Flex
    Norm Y-Flex Tight Bunch
    Snugs Flip Doubles
    Split Cowboy Jumbo
    Trey Open Cowboy Y-Trips
    Y-Trips Cowboy

    Defensive Formations:

    4-3 46 Dime Dollar Goal Line Quarter Nickel
    Over Normal Normal Normal 5-3-3 3 Deep Normal
    Over Plus Under 6-3-2 Normal Wide 9
    Stack 3-3-5

    Key Offensive Plays:

    gunnormalyflextightcornerstrike Dallas Cowboys iformtwintepowero Dallas Cowboys singlebackbunchytrail Dallas Cowboys
    The Gun Normal Y-Flex Tight – Corner Strike has the two outside receivers running backward C routes. The two inside receivers run flat routes, while RB runs a delayed curl. The I-Form Twin TE – Power has the halfback following the fullback towards the right side between the right tackle and tight end. The left guard pulls to the right, adding an extra lead blocker for the halfback. The Singleback Bunch has the tight end trailing behind the slot receiver, who runs a mini-post. The split end runs a sluggo route, the flanker runs a wheel route. The runningback runs a delay left flat route.

    Key Defensive Plays:

    43oversmokemidzone2 Dallas Cowboys 46normalinsideblitz Dallas Cowboys dollarmikeedge3seam Dallas Cowboys
    The 4-3 Over Smoke Mid Zone 2 is designed to bring inside pressure. The two CB’s play the flats, while the safeties play 2 deep coverage. Two defenders drop back in hook zones. The 46 Normal is a Cover 0 defense that is designed to bring inside pressure from. With 6 defenders rushing the quarterback, it leaves 5 defenders in one on one coverage. The Dollar Normal – Mike Edge 3 Seam creates pressure by overloading the right side of the offensive line. The pressure comes from either a linebacker or defensive back off the right side of the OL.


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