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Dime Normal – Prowl Spy 3


For this week’s Madden Tips breakdown for Madden 15. We take a look at zone blitz out of the Dime Normal formation. The name of play is called Dime Normal – Prowl Spy 3. For this tips for Madden, we show how to run this zone blitz set up, without making any pre-snap adjustments.  We are able to get pressure on the quarterback with just a four man pass rush, even without making any pre-snap adjustments.

Play Breakdown:

dime normal prowl spy3 thumb Dime Normal   Prowl Spy 3 The Dime Normal – Prowl Spy 3 is a zone blitz concept that sends four pass defenders after the QB, while dropping 6 in zone coverage, plus one dropping in QB Spy. The coverage behind the blitz is Cover 3. The four defenders that rush the QB are the right end, weak side defensive tackle, right inside defensive back, and free safety. The left end, linebacker, and left inside defensive back, drop in hook zones. The right cornerback, strong safety, and left cornerback drop in 3 deep coverage.

 Playbooks Found:

  • Cover 2

Quick Setup:

  • No adjustments

Video Breakdown:

Coaching Points:

  • Sometimes all the defenders coming from the left side will be blocked.
  • Only a four man pass rush.
  • Pass coverage is pretty across the board, although the flats are left open.
  • Quick screens can beat this blitz
  • Having a fast left inside defensive back (3rd on CB depth chart) will be help maximize the blitz.
  • The strong side defensive tackle may not be enough to spy the quarterback. If you have a fast defensive end, who is not in the lineup, considering subbing him in at the strong defensive tackle position.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully this Madden Tips breakdown will help you get pressure from the Dime Normal formation without having to make any pre-snap adjustments, which in this year’s game can be very beneficial.


  1. This is what Madden needs more of, blitzes that work without any setup. Why EA would put blitzes that do not wort in the game, it just baffles me. Great breakdown, Kobra!


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