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Double Cross Passing Concept


A popular passing concept that many teams will call to attack Cover 2 Man (2 Man Under) coverage is the Double Cross. There are two inside receivers that run shallow crossing routes. The idea behind these pass routes is to create a pick or natural rub on the defenders covering them as it allows one or both of them to get open. Over the top of their shallow cross routes, is a receiver who runs an 18 yard dig route. If either shallow crossing routes are open, the the quarterback would then look to throw to the receiver running the dig route. Another receiver is tagged to run a deep post. He is the Double Cross passing concept’s initial read. If no defender plays the deep middle, then quarterback can pull the trigger if he feels the pass can be completed. The runningback stays into pass block.

Example of the Double Crossing Passing Concept

double cross passing concept Double Cross Passing Concept In the image above we show an example of the Double Cross passing concept from the Gun Doubles formation Vs Cover 2 Man. Notice the H and Y receivers run the shallow crossing routes. Are both the quarterback’s first reads if his initial read is not there. The X receiver runs a 18-yard dig route and the quarterback’s second read. The Z receiver runs the deep post and is the quarterback’s initial read. The runningback stays into pass block.


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