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Filmroom Week 3 Updates


We have added 6 more breakdowns to the filmroom this week.

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Week 3

3-4 Over – Sting Pinch Zone: A popular defense from the 3-4 Over that brings A Gap pressure is the Sting Pinch Zone. For this breakdown, we want to show how we setup to bring inside pressure from the right inside linebacker, while dropping one extra defender into pass coverage.

Mirroring Pass Routes System: One of things that Big B taught me (Kobra) when passing the ball back in the old PS2 days was to use mirroring pass routes to help simplify my pass reads. This passing system is very simple to use, so for those of you who are new to football video games, this might be something you might want to try to help improve your passing attack.

Defending the Singleback Ace – HB Stretch: A stretch play that is real difficult to defend is the Singleback Ace – HB Stretch. What makes this play do hard to defend is that fact your opponent can flip the direction of which way the runningback is running without tipping his hand off. This means, you have to beable to defend both sides of the field. For this breakdown, we use a play out of the 4-3 Wide 9 to defend it.

4-3 Over – Will Blitz 3: The 4-3 Over – Will Blitz 3 is designed to bring pressure from the left side of the offensive line. For this setup, we achieve this by bringing the middle linebacker to closer to line of scrimmage.

Gun Trio Falcon – Bubble Screen: Bubble Screens in the past have not always been overly effective against man coverage. In this year’s game, they are more effective as the blocking works much better. For this breakdown, we want to show a bubble screen from the Gun Trio Falcon that we really like to run against man coverage. – The third and finale 3-4 Odd defense we show this in the filmroom is called is Pinch Dog 3. Much like the other two setups, we look to bring pressure from the left outside linebacker.

Gun Stack Offset Wk – Curl Switch: We have always been a big fan of stack formations as they are great way to beat bump-n-run man coverage. For this breakdown, we take a look at the Gun Stack Offset Wk – Curl Switch.


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