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Filmroom Week 6 Updates


Here are the 6 breakdowns for the X’s O’s Fillmroom for this week.

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Week 6

Gun Bunch Quads  Formation Breakdown: The Gun Bunch Quads is a 4×1 formation that features an empty set with four receivers (1 TE, 3 WR) lined up on one side, while one receiver lines up on the other side. The formation has a total of 9 plays. Of those 9 plays, 8 of them are pass plays, while one is a run play.

Gun Bunch Quads – Bunch Trail: The Gun Bunch Quads – Bunch Trail features two passing concepts for the price of the one. The Texas and Fork passing concept are in this play. The plays primary receiver is the tight end, who runs a circle route over the middle of the field.

Gun Bunch Quads – QB Draw: Of the nine plays found in the Gun Bunch Quads, the only run play is the QB Draw. For this breakdown, we take a look at why you should run it it or not.

Gun Bunch Quads – Spacing: One of my favorite passing concepts over the year’s has been the Spacing concept. For this breakdown, I want to show how effective this passing concept can be against both man and zone coverage while running it from the Gun Bunch Quads.

Gun Bunch Quads – Spot: A passing concept we have always liked is the Spot concept. For this breakdown, we show how we like to run it from the Gun Bunch Quads by looking to throw to multiple receivers based on how the pass coverage plays out.

Gun Bunch Quads – TE Angle: The Gun Bunch Quads – TE Angle features the tight end running an angle route. We like to run this play against both man and zone coverages as there are other receivers to look to throw towards besides the tight end.





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