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I-Form Pro–PA Middle


For this breakdown, we take a look at a play action play out of the I-Form Pro called PA Middle Shot. This play is very effective against both man and zone coverages as there is a good chance one of the receivers being open deep.

Play Diagram and Info:

i form pro pa middle shot banner thumb I Form Pro–PA Middle Playbooks Found In:

  • Bears
  • Bengals
  • Falcons
  • Giants
  • Jets
  • Redskins
  • Titans
  • Vikings

Default Pass Routes:

i form pro pa middle shot image 01 thumb I Form Pro–PA Middle

Position Assignment
SE Deep Post
TE Pass Block
FL Deep Cross
RB Delay Curl
FB Pass Block

Quick Set Up:

i form pro pa middle shot image 02 thumb I Form Pro–PA Middle

  • Hot route the TE on a drag route.

Coaching Points:

  • Against Cover 2 man coverage, watch to see what receiver gets inside position on the defender covering them.
  • If Cover 1 man coverage is called, the split end’s deep post will lift the safety playing the deep middle, allowing the flanker to get open underneath.
  • Against zone coverages, look for the deep crossing route run by the flanker. In many cases, he will be open. If not, look to throw to the tight end on his drag route, or the halfback on his delay curl out of the backfield.

Video Breakdown:


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