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Green Bay Packers Nickel & Psycho Packages


For those of you who are cheese heads and want to learn the ins and out of how the the Packers Nickel and Psycho Packages actually work in real football, Blitzology.com has posted a great article about how they run them.

“More and more teams are now utilizing pass rush personnel groups with only 1 or 2 defensive linemen on the field. Dom Capers’ Packers defense has generated a great deal of pressure this season with these types of hybrid personnel groups. The Nickel concept allows the Packers to rush 4 and drop 7 with two edge rushers that have speed and athleticism. Teams like the Packers that base out of a 3-4 concept often want both OLB’s (typically the best pass rushers in a 3-4 scheme) rushing the QB and a 4 man rush. This specialized personnel group allows for both OLB’s to stay in the game and for a Nickel secondary to be on the field by only utilizing 2 down linemen. The Packers can be seen here rushing 4 in a traditional 4 man pass rush with 2 Rush LB’s as the defensive ends. The versatility of this personnel is that you can bring 4 rushers from a blitz look.psycho+1 Green Bay Packers Nickel & Psycho Packages

To read the rest of the article, please click on the following link – Green Bay Packers Nickel & Psycho Packages



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