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Learn the secrets to becoming a Football Video Game GURU … Or, if you’re impatient or busy and need some quick tips right now …Discover Key Tactics, Strategies, and Schemes that will have YOU pounding the opposition for football video games such as Madden 25 and NCAA 14 in less than 24 hours

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Okay, so you finally have your latest copy of your favorite football video game in your sweaty little palms, or you’re about to hit your local game store and pick it up. You’re pumped up. You’re ready to play, but this year you want an edge. You’re not satisfied with being mediocre or even good. You want to be the best. You want to dominate. You want to humble your opponent! You want to be able to complete a pass…If you are a competitor and want to take advantage of every opportunity available to improve your game, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you already have “mad game” or are just a newbie at football video games, we are sure you will find strategies and tips that can elevate your game to the next level.

If you are not familiar with us at X’s O’s Football, we provide real football strategies and tips that can be easily applied to the lastest football video games such as Madden 25 and NCAA 14. Rather than showing cheats and glitches, we show how to apply real football concepts to football video games. For those of you who play in online franchises and leagues, our football video game strategies and tips will help improve your overall game, while not getting you kicked out of the league.

To breakdown the X’s and O’s of football video games, we use our very own custom made program that allows us to break plays down from a unique perspective through the use of telestration, text, and images.

CLICK HERE – to view the complete Table of Contents for the Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 14.

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Become a Winning Quarterback

qb gg14 thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Beat the Heat- Players on defense love to bring nano heat with bump-n-run man coverage. We show you how to shred that scheme to pieces with proven passing plays.

qb gg14 thumb1 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Best Route to Beat Man Coverage – We take an in-depth look at the best pass route in the game to beat man coverage with.

qb gg14 thumb2 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide  Get Receivers Open on every Play – We provide the most powerful passing concepts and route combinations in the game and teach you how to attack defensive coverages such as Cover 1, Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4, and Cover 6.

qb gg14 thumb3 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide It’s all about motion – Learn how to beat bump-n-run man coverage by using motion.

qb gg14 thumb4 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide QB Coaches Clinic –Increase your QB rating by reading defenses better and learning how to attack different coverages more effectively. Throw more TD’s and less interceptions. Master the short and long pass. Learn the skills you need to be an effective quarterback on the gridiron.

qb gg14 thumb5 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Screen Your Way to Success – Learn to use screen passes to beat both man and zone coverages.

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Improve Your Running Game to Sprint to Success

rb gg14 thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Backside Runs – Learn how to get the most out running the ball to the backside.

rb gg14 thumb1 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Big Plays in the Running Game – We take a look how to create big run plays by running the ball outside.

rb gg14 thumb2 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Optimize your running game to defeat any defensive front – We breakdown techniques to run against defensive fronts. Learning to make the right pre-snap reads will make you a better runner.

rb gg14 thumb3 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Running the Option – Dominate your opponent on offense by learning the ins and outs of the option run game

rb gg14 thumb4 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Types of Running Styles – We look at all the different running styles found in football video games. Rather it be smash mouth, finesse, or combination of both we show to how maximize your style.

rb gg14 thumb5 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Use the Fullback in the Run Game – The fullback is often overlooked in the run game. We take a look at a simple fullback run play that will help keep the chains moving.

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Learn the In’s and Out’s of Some of the More Popular Offensive Schemes in Football

football gg14 thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide  Air Raid Offense – Learn how to run one of the most explosive passing schemes in football.

football gg14 thumb1 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide   Compression Offense – Big B introduced this offensive system to football video gamers back in 2004. There is a reason why it’s still being ran, because it remains one of most powerful offensive systems to run in football video games.

football gg14 thumb2 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide  Option Offense – We take an in-depth look how the option offense fits into the pro football video game.

football gg14 thumb3 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Pistol Offense – The Pistol offense caught on fire last season with San Francisco, Seattle, Washington using some form of it. This year, more pro teams are running it. We go into great detail of what the Pistol offense is, plus show a five play scheme we like to run.

football gg14 thumb4 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Run and Shoot Offense – For those of looking to light up the scoreboard, the Run and Shoot offense is the perfect choice. We look at why the Run and Shoot offense is so explosive and also show a scheme that we like to run from it that will be sure to keep your opponent clueless on how to defend it.

football gg14 thumb5 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Spread Offense – One of the best ways to move the ball is to spread the defense out. This not only opens up running lanes, but it can create plenty of passing lanes to easily completes passes.

football gg14 thumb6 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide West Coast Offense – Learn to control the ball and frustrate the opposition. Tips on becoming a high percentage passer within this flexible and powerful offensive system.

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Study the KEY Offensive Coordinator Tactics you need to win those really tough games

Create an Offensive Philosophy – Learn how to create your own offensive philosophy that suits your own offensive style.

headset gg14 thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Develop a Game Plan for any Situation – Master the tactics for the four critical zones and discover the secrets on play calling for maximize downs and improve distance.

headset gg14 thumb1 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Four Play System – Learn to use the four play system so that you can beat any defense thrown at you.

headset gg14 thumb2 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide  Learn how to Maximize Your Formation Audibles – Make critical formation and play changes with pre-snap adjustments to respond to what you see from the defense.

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Master Lockdown Defenses

de gg14 thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Become a Defensive Shapeshifter – There are a ton of shifts and audibles available to you in this year’s football video games. You can create shell defenses and then shift to any coverage you want. All from the line of scrimmage. We give you the pros and cons of these new features so you put the right players at the point of attack.

de gg14 thumb1 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Destroy the Read Option – You can bet the read option is going to be a big part when it comes to moving the ball. We show how to use the new Read Defender to slow the option offense offense down in it’s tracks.

de gg14 thumb2 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Keep Draws in Check – Last year, players were running draws left and right, while picking up a ton of yardage. We show a defense that we like run that shuts most draws down.

de gg14 thumb3 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Learn to Keep Athletic QBs in Check – Last year saw players use RG3 to dominate the game online. This year you can bet players will be using him again to run all over the place. Learn how to stop him using safety spies and other key tactics to shut down the athletic QB.

de gg14 thumb4 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Run Commit – With the running game getting extra special attention this year, any tool that can be used to stop it is a must. We take a look at the Run Commit feature and how it can be applied to shutdown even the most potent rushing attacks.

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Learn Defensive Schemes to Lock Your Opponent’s Offense Down

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Bend But Don’t Break Defensive Scheme – Learn how to prevent giving up the big play by running a Bend But Don’t Break style defensive scheme.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Blitz Schemes, Concepts, and Techniques – An in-depth look at different types of blitz schemes, concepts, and techniques from the 3-4, 4-3, 4-4, 46 that can be used to get to the quarterback quickly.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Containing the Athletic QB Scheme – Simply but effective defense to run to contain the athletic quarterback in the pocket.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Man/Zone Coverage Schemes – Learn to use different ,man/zone coverage schemes to create confusion for your opponent, so he doesn’t know where to throw ball.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Red Zone Defensive Scheme – Effective red zone schemes to keep your opponent out of the end zone.

playbookanalysis thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide

No One Else Gives You the Tools That we do to Analyze Each and Every Playbook in the Game.

Below are just some of tools we have in the guide to help you analyze playbooks on both sides of the ball, including our exclusive Play Finder 14:

  • All Defensive Formations With Diagrams
  • All Offensive Formations With Diagrams
  • Offensive Formation Finder
  • Offensive Formation Analyzer
  • Offensive Playbook Formation Counts
  • Offensive Playbook Play Counts
  • Defensive Formation Finder
  • Defensive Formation Analyzer
  • Defensive Playbook Formation List With Search
  • Offensive Playbook Formation List With Search
  • Formation Audibles for Each Defensive Playbook
  • Formation Audibles for Each Offensive Playbook
  • Packages for Each Defensive Formation
  • Packages for Each Offensive Formation
  • Play Finder 14
  • Team Playbook Defensive Formations Analyzer
  • Team Playbook Offensive Formations Analyzer
  • Unique Offensive Formations List

teambreakdowns thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide

Use Our Exclusive Team Breakdown Tools to Help You Learn Which Teams Fit Your Style of Offense and Defense.

  • Player Position Ratings
  • Player Position Ratings Analyzer
  • Team Rosters
  • Team Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Team Depth Charts
  • Team Depth Charts Analyzer
  • Team Overviews
  • Team Unit Ratings
  • Team Unit Ratings Analyzer

gametools thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide  

More Tools To Help You Improve Your Game

We have exclusive tools that no one else offers! Whether you drafting players, scouting opposing teams, or looking for playbook filled out play call sheets, we are the ONLY ones that provides these incredible resources.

  • 2-Point Conversion Chart
  • Advanced Blank Offensive Play Call Sheet
  • Interactive Offensive Blank Play Call Sheet
  • Interactive Team Depth Chart Sheets Builder: 4-3 Base
  • Interactive Team Depth Chart Sheets Builder: 3-4 Base
  • Offense Play-By-Play Scouting Sheet
  • Player Personnel Scouting Sheet
  • Team Playbook Filled Out Play Call Sheets

Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 14 Wrap Up

There are a bunch of sites out there that offer little bits of strategy and video. Some have a couple of player ratings, others a couple of play breakdowns, but nobody can match our complete 500+ page guide and over 150 plays broken down. This is the type of information you need to quickly and dramatically improve your game.

You will be getting an absolutely CRAZY amount of content that covers all aspects of game including:

qb gg14 thumb6 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide The complete guide to the passing game: Beating the blitz, pass routes and combinations, hot routes, motion, beating bump and run,  and more!

rb gg14 thumb6 Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide The complete guide to the running game: This year we paid extra attention to the running game as we added several new articles such as running the option, running against the grain, flipping run plays, and much more to help you become an effective runner.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide The complete guide to lockdown defense: Blitz schemes, man/zone coverage combos, defending the option, all coverage schemes and more to to keep your opponent’s offense frustrated.

new features gg14 thumb Gridiron Guide 14 Digital Guide Comprehensive New Feature guide: If it’s new to the game, it’s new to the guide. We’ll give you complete coverage of :

  • Blocking Logic
  • Creating Formation Shifts
  • Defenders in Proper Position
  • Defensive Recovery Mechanic
  • Dive Tackles
  • Heat-Seeker
  • Hit Stick
  • Infinity Engine 2
  • Improved Zone Coverage Logic
  • New Audible System
  • Position Changes
  • Run Free

Still not convinced that our guide will help improve your game, CLICK HERE to view a sample of  a breakdown that’s in the Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 14.

Buy Your Copy of the Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 14 for football games like  Madden 25 and NCCA 14 for only $27.95 $19.95

You can spend countless hours trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 14 will accelerate right over the learning curve and help you to fully enjoy the game.

If you are tired of getting schooled online or simple want tips, strategies, and tactics to get more out of your game without having to resort to cheats and glitches that other sites sell, get the Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 14 now and take advantage of our experience and expertise to improve your overall game.

The Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 14 is compatible and can be viewed on the iPad and other mobile devices.

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  1. I want to pre-order your Gridiron Guide 14 for Madden 25 & NCAA 14…Question is when will the guide be released, and of the schemes that you listed:Air Raid, Pistol, Spread, West Coast, Run & Shoot, Compression, Option Etc. Which scheme, in your opinion, is the most frustrating and difficult for the defense to stop. I use the Seahawks.
    Thanks and Your guides have been very good thus far!

  2. Lenny, I am big fan of the compression offense, so for me I would say that one. Now others may say the option or spread.


  3. Hey Guys,
    Can you say me if i buy the guide when it will release ? Thanks you guys for all you do for the comunity, it’s very impressive !
    I’m a french fan of football and specialy “my” niners since the year 1990 ! I’ m a rare guy on this country who is crazy of football in the NFL and even to understand the game !!!!! I love to play madden on PS3 too and i play this game since 1992, my first times was on SEGA MASTERSYSTEM and MEGADRIVE a longtime before PLAYSTATION or X-BOX !!!! For all the guys who are interested to discuss and exchange on football and NFL, I give you my mail : le.gregory31@yahoo.fr
    ( idiots are prohibited on my mail pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase !!!!! ).

    • Greg, the Gridiron Guide 14 will be released on August 27th. I have been playing Madden like you since 1992 on the old Sega. Good times back then.


  4. Thanks Kobra !
    I’ m gonna buy this guide certainly next week because last year GRIDIRON GUIDE 13 was amazing ! So interesting with the adition of FILM’S ROOM and more…. One if not the best guide available on football for madden’s gamers !

    • DK, it’s web based, meaning you login into it to view it. There is no download or actual book that is sent to you. It’s compatible with any web browser, plus works with Iphone, Ipad, ect.. I hope that answers your question.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to post them.


  5. I bought the Gridiron Guide 13 last year and was really happy with it. A lot of content for what I paid for the guide. I plan buying it before I pick up Madden 25.

  6. Kobra…just got the guide. It looks great. I look forward to seeing all that it has to offer. Keep up the great work.

    • Tony thanks, doing the best I can with what I have to work with. I really enjoy putting them together. I am adding more content as we speak, so please keep checking back.


  7. I just bought the guide last night. It has a lot of great content for new and veteran players. It reminds me of the old VG Sports Virtual playboks that they use to do back in the day. Anyways for those looking for a Madden guide with a lot content for low price, the Gridiron Guide 14 is worth taking a look at.

  8. Crazy amount of content in the Gridiron Guide 14. I bought it a couples of days ago and I am still reading the pass sections of the guide. Kobra, I can tell you have a lot of passion for this game based on the amount of time you must of put into this guide.

    Long time customer,

  9. M. Ritts, there isn’t a guide to download, but instead it’s web based. Meaning you have to login to view the guide. Maybe in the future we can make it available as an ebook to download. I think that’s what you are asking for.


  10. I am very interested in the guide. Do you have to use custom playbooks, because my league doesn’t allow them. I remember you used to be the man with the Saints playbook. What do you like this year Kobra? I’ve heard good things about Minnesota, and Tampa Bay. Lots of unique plays in New England as well. I look forward to your thoughts, and will be buying the guide ASAP. Thanks man. Been a long time.

    • Scott, no you don’t have to use them. I’ll admit, I have been modifying the Texans playbook and the 46 defensive book somewhat this season. However, the guide, I don’t talk to much about custom formations. The Gridiron Guide 14 is more like the VG Sports Virtual playbook that we use to release annually. A lot of tips and strategies that are based on this year’s game. Also there are ton of tools in the guide to use. BTW, Whiplash, thanks for posting. Always glad to see a familiar face. I miss the old times more than you will everyone know.


  11. Kobra forgive me. I bought Madden 25 this year without buying the guide first Big mistake on my part. Let me say, i honestly only played madden 1 time since i bought it. I prefer to go through your guide and videos first! For anyone that doesn’t think his guide is worth it, i bought the gridiron 13 guide. So I was like, ok, seems legit. I tried it. and my horrible losing record finally went to a winning record of 102 wins and 97 losses. That’s better than 46 wins and 77 loses. 🙂 I made a pdf of every page of just the defensive part of the guide and printed it at work. I wound up with about 400 pages of info!. Dear God, that was just on defense! I didn’t even do the offensive side yet. I don’t know how much different this years guide could be from last years, but i am definitely buying The Gridiron 14. I found this site by sheer accident and never even heard of Kobra. The man does a phenomenal job with the videos and the guide. Buy his guide, you will not be disappointed! … Now if i could just get him to coach my eagles……:-)

  12. Mike, a big thanks. I am glad the guide was able to help out. As far as this year’s guide, I added a bunch more content and keep building off last year’s guide. My goal is to keep building the guide up and make it one big encyclopedia of strategies and information for football video games.


  13. Kobra, i need to change my email address for the info that i get from your site. do you have an email address that i can contact you by?

  14. This is the year that I’ll jump into this guide! Last year I was very interested in getting it, but shortage of funds kept me away from it. This time, I’m gonna get it, because I love Kobra’s insight of the game. He doesn’t just shows the set ups, he explains and teaches stuff, which is very good for a guy like me, from Portugal, not very savvy about football.
    Just a couple questions.
    On defense, I run mostly Nickel normal and a couple of 46 here and there. How much stuff do you have from those 2 formations?
    On offense, I run NO, mostly Singleback Tight Slots. Any schemes around that formation?
    Thanks and keep up the great work.

    • Rui Neves, thanks for the feedback. I do try to teach football strategies and concepts, rather than showing glitches and cheats. I just think it’s a better way of doing things. As far as the Nickel Normal and 46. There is a breakdown of the Nickel Normal, plus two blitz set ups. Also breakdown of the Nickel 2-4-5 and blitz setups. The 46 Bear is broken down, along with two blitz setups. The X’s O’s Filmroom has more blitz setups from both the 46 Bear and 46 Normal. I am going to add the 46 Under to the filmroom as well.

      Nothing covered in the guide with the Singleback Tight, but I can add it to the filmroom as I like that formation as well.


  15. I was looking to purchase the GridIron Guide 14. When I click the Order Now button, I get directed to purchase a membership and not the guide. How do I purchase the Guide?

  16. Hi,

    Can I use the Gridiron 14 ebook for play on the XBox One?

    If not,do you have any other books geared towards the XBox One?


  17. The only way I can obtain this guide is to spend money just to sign up? What if I just want to buy the guide without paying an additional amount?

  18. George, when you sign up, you get access to the Gridiron Guide. It doesn’t cost anything extra. Please keep in mind the guide was based on last year’s football video game and not for this year’s.



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