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How Would You Like A Step-By-Step System…Designed To Launch You To Elite Status As A Football Video Game Player…Train You To Dominate Your Friends And Give You The Tools You Need To Destroy Guys That Play 6 To 8 Hours A Day –Without Having to Spend Weeks To Get Better?”

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This is not a crappy list of cheats and a couple of money plays like you see sold on Ebay or some other Madden site every year. It’s not a glossy magazine filled with pretty pictures and a bunch of fluffy useless content. With over 500 pages of intense, hardcore, advanced gaming strategies, you will discover..

red arrow Gridiron Guide 16 How to completely destroy Bump-N-Run Coverage, forcing your opponent to back off your receivers give you time to pick him apart with proven Bump-N-Run beaters…

red arrow2 Gridiron Guide 16 How to use the new Caching Mechanic feature to make aggressive catches in mid air, make a possession catch in traffic, or run after catch to pick up that extra yardage you may need to pick up a first down…

red arrow3 Gridiron Guide 16 Learn what pass concepts and route combinations to use against each type of coverage scheme so that you will have players running wide open all over the field…

red arrow4 Gridiron Guide 16

How to set up enhanced blitzes to bring the heat from both the inside and outside to put your opponent’s QB flat on his back time and time again without worry about getting kicked out of your connected online franchise…

And much, much more!

Dear Football Video Gamer,

kobra thumb3 thumb Gridiron Guide 16 My name is Paul Gleason(AKA Kobra). I have been playing football video games since 1991. I have been writing football video game guides since 2001, I have been featured on several Madden web sites and internet radio shows. I have taught a former NFL player on how to play Madden. I have coached youth football for the last six years, plus I am full time football video gamer. I eat, sleep and breathe real and video game football. As the owner of Ultimate Football Guides for the past 5 years, I have been instrumental in helping thousands of gamers dramatically improve their play and become dominant forces in online, league & tournament play.

I spend hours and hours each week playing the game, working on new strategies in the lab and testing these schemes in every type of competitive arena possible.

Each year I write the Gridiron Guide for football video games such as Madden to show you the step-by-step, competition proven tactics and schemes that will transform you from an average gamer to an elite force in the football gaming community.

With the release of this incredible guide (over 500 pages), you can take your skills from whatever level you are right now to destroying your opponents and embarrassing your friends in a very short time.

It was developed with one and only one thing in mind…total domination! It is 100% geared to turning you into an football video game juggernaut without having to rely on cheats and tricks to win.. Instead, I use…

I Use Real Football Strategies and Tactics Each to Win Football Video Games

If you are not familiar with us at X’s O’s Football, the site provides real football strategies and tips that can be easily applied to the latest football video games such as Madden. Most strategy guides you see out there have one or two common traits. They have videos with voice overs that are very un-professional or they show glitches and cheats that don’t help you understand the real X’s O’s of Football. For those of you who play in online franchises and leagues, the football video game strategies and tips that are provided here will help improve your overall game, while not getting you kicked out of your league.

I spend hundreds of hours with the game as they break down, analyze, digest and generally shred every aspect of game play until they find out exactly what works and is most effective in real game situations.

You discover what kinds of defenses really slow down your opponents and which plays you need to throw out before you even get started.

Instead of just giving you an overview of concepts that you can’t figure out how to apply come game time…

I go a step further and give you specific play breakdowns so that you can learn these lessons and instantly apply them to your game.

Custom Made Football Program

To breakdown the X’s and O’s of football video games, I use my very own custom made football program that allows me to break plays down from a unique perspective through the use of telestration, text, and images.

I have also added for first time to the Gridiron Guide, videos. Keep in mind, there are no voice overs, but each video will show you how the play is ran. I like to call these Quick Video Clips.

It’s as if you’re there, sitting right beside me looking over my shoulders, and spying on us as I tear the game apart.

It’s like going to Mini-Camp with a group of Football Video Game Coaches, but all from the privacy of your own home.

You not only get tips, schemes, strategies, money plays and enhanced blitzes, but we teach you the logic behind them so that you can keep growing as a player.

How To Score More Points, Shut Down Your Opponent And WIN More Games

Now’s your chance to finally use my extensive experience and knowledge to you advantage, saving you hour and hours of lab time and frustration!

But before I go any further, let me ask you something…

  • Imagine what it would be like to have an real football coach and avid for football video gamer sitting right next to you, giving you dozens and dozens of practical gaming strategies…
  • Imagine how much your game would quickly improve as you take advantage of our lab time, breakdowns and competitive experience…
  • Imagine what it would be like to have all of the insider tips, strategies and schemes that top players used to dominate Madden 08, and have them right at your fingertips!

Strategies like…

  • Mastering the Art of Passing…
  • Using Motion…
  • Using Motion in the Running Game…
  • Defending the Mobile QB …
  • Defending with the 4-6 Bear…
  • Developing an Effective Redzone Offense
  • Making Pre-Snap Reads…
  • Killing the Defense with Compression Offense …

… And much more!

For example, here’s a few of the many Offensive Schemes covered in detail in the Gridiron Guide 16:

  • Air Coryell Offense– Most of the top players know the pass game has always been the best way to move the ball. If you drop 1-3 steps back with the quarterback, and then fire the pass, chances are that he will never get sacked.
  • Compression/Bunch Attack – Patented by Big B several years ago. The Compression remains one of the best ways to force to defense to play your way.
  • Pistol Offense – The Pistol offense caught on fire last season with San Francisco, Seattle, Washington using some form of it. This year, more pro teams are running it. We go into great detail of what the Pistol offense is, plus show a five play scheme we like to run.
  • Run & Shoot Offense – This attack features motions, multiple formations, and shotgun sets. In it, we are able to attack all areas of the field. You will get awesome picks and rubs in the passing attack to get separation from defenders.
  • Quick Pass Scheme – Line up, snap and throw. The Quick Pass Scheme will have the defense thinking twice about bringing the heat.
  • Spread Offense – One of the best ways to move the ball is to spread the defense out. This not only opens up running lanes, but it can create plenty of passing lanes to easily completes passes.

And much, much more.

With these kinds of powerful tips at your disposal, do you think you could take your game up a notch or too. You bet you could! Just putting these schemes into practice would have you moving the ball with ease and lighting up the scoreboard.

That’s why I’m completely confident this site is the best investment you’re ever going to make if you love Football.

In fact, I’m so confident The Gridiron Guide 16 will be the most powerful weapon in your gaming arsenal, that I fully guarantee your complete satisfaction. I’ll give you all the details of my risk-free guarantee in just a few minutes.

Here’s a Partial List of What You Get With Your Guide

With your copy of the Gridiron Guide 16, you get:

  • The complete guide to the passing game. Using the pocket, pass routes and combinations, hot routes, motion, beating bump and run, using play action and more!
  • The complete guide to the running game. Running inside and out, advanced running moves, using motion in the running game, short yardage rushing and more!
  • The complete guide to lockdown defense. Defensive shifts, coverage breakdowns, defending the TE, defending motion, dealing with play action and more!
  • Comprehensive new feature guide. If it’s new to the game, it’s new to the guide. We’ll give you complete coverage of Caching Mechanic, In-Game Feedback System, New Handoff System, Multiplayer Catch System, Passing Mechanics, Play Ball, Play Receiver, Quarterback AI, Quarterback Locomotion, Quick Adjustments, Shot Plays, WR Receiver, AI Traits, WR/DB Interactions and more!
  • The complete guide to the Madden Playbooks. No one else gives you the tools that we do to analyze each and every playbook in the game. This includes the Play Finder 16, Offensive Playbook Formation List With Search, Offensive Play Finder With Search, and much more.
  • The complete guide to rosters & ratings. Rosters, ratings and team power charts for all 32 NFL Football teams in the game are now at your fingertips!

And a lot more. These are the kinds of game breaking tips you will find in the Gridiron Guide 16.

There are a bunch of sites out there that offer little bits of strategy here and there. Some have a couple of player ratings, others a couple of play breakdowns, but nobody can match our 500+ page guide with the information you need to quickly and dramatically improve your game and become a stud at Madden.

This is just a taste of what’s waiting for you. There’s a ton more information that I haven’t even covered here, everything from A to Z is covered. Ready to get going? Click here to reserve your guide now.

Example of a Breakdown From the Gridiron Guide 16

I’m totally confident that your Gridiron Guide 16 is going to completely blow you away! In fact here is example of a breakdown from the Gridiron Guide 16 that will give you better of what to expect.

Favorite TE Pass Route to Beat Man Coverage

Over the last few years, the NFL has seen resurgence and involvement of the tight end in the passing game. Offensive coordinators move tight end all over place in different formations in hopes in creating match up problems with the defense. In football video games, the tight end can be equally as effective. In this breakdown, we are going to take a look at our favorite passing route that we like to use to with the tight end to beat bump-n-run man coverage.

Shake Pass Route

Our favorite tight end passing route to beat man coverage is the Shake pass route. In the breakdown down below, we show how effective that pass route can be with an elite tight end.

Gun Empty Trey – Verts Y-Shake

gun empty trey verts y shake 01 thum2 thumb Gridiron Guide 16

The play called is Gun Empty Trey – Verts Y-Shake. This play has the tight end running the shake route with four receivers running vertical routes.

gun empty trey verts y shake 02 thum2 thumb Gridiron Guide 16

The defensive coverage called is Dime Normal – Cover 2 Man.

gun empty trey verts y shake 03 thum thumb1 Gridiron Guide 16

Notice the linebacker is matched up in man coverage. If we have an elite tight end such as Rob Gronkowski matched with a linebacker or even a safety, he will be open more times than not once he breaks towards the middle of the field.

gun empty trey verts y shake 04 thum thumb1 Gridiron Guide 16

Once the ball is snapped, the tight end will head straight up the field then break towards the side line.

gun empty trey verts y shake 05 thum2 thumb Gridiron Guide 16

After just a few steps, he will break back towards the middle of the field.

gun empty trey verts y shake 06 thum thumb1 Gridiron Guide 16

It’s at this point, he should start getting separation from the defender covering him.

gun empty trey verts y shake 07 thum1 thumb Gridiron Guide 16

With the split end and left slot running vertical pass routes down the left side of the field, they clear out room for the tight end to work underneath.

gun empty trey verts y shake 08 thum1 thumb Gridiron Guide 16

In the image above the tight end has gained some separation from the linebacker covering him. We press hard left on the left stick or D-pad to use the new QB Pass Targeting system so that the tight end catches the ball out in front of him.

gun empty trey verts y shake 09 thum1 thumb Gridiron Guide 16 Once the tight end makes the catch, he should have room to pick up positive yardage.

Gridiron Guide 16 Tip: Use the RAC CATCH by pressing the X/Square button to get the tight end to turn up field during the catch and better his chances of picking up even more yardage.

Top Five Tight Ends to Use the Shake Route
  1. Rob Gronkowski
  2. Jimmy Graham
  3. Jason Witten
  4. Grey Olsen
  5. Travis Kelce
Quick Video Clip

[s3video url=”http://www.xsosfootball.com/videos/gun_empty_trey_verts_y_shake.mp4″ splash=”http://www.xsosfootball.com/videos/gun_empty_trey_verts_y_shake.jpg” responsive=”on” /]

Final Thoughts

Having a fast tight end with a high acceleration rating, makes these three pass route that much more effective against man coverage. If you have fast tight end on your roster, we suggest use him as he will open up other receivers in the passing game.

My Personal 100% Iron-Clad, Money-Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Listen, I want you to be as confident about our guide as I am and my customers are. But just in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you.

Take a full 7 days to examine and use the Gridiron Guide 16. That’s right, you have 7 days to put this valuable guide to work right on your own machine.

Imagine all of the time you’ll save in these 7 days alone. No more sleepless nights trying to find a decent passing play or the like. You’ll save yourself time so that you can get down to competing!

Plus if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be left holding the bag.

I’ve offered my “Nothing To Lose guarantee” for years. If our guides don’t deliver, I’m the one who eats his shirt — not you.

Just return your guide and we’ll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of this 7 day guarantee!

The truth is, you NEVER have to worry about a refund. Why? Because once you take our strategies and apply them, you’ll be too busy winning games to ever look back.

Special Added Bonus: Get FREE Access to the X’s O’s Filmroom

As a special added bonus for ordering the Gridiron Guide 16, get signed up and gain free access to the X’s O’s Filmroom for the entire current pro football season.

X’s O’s Filmroom Features:

  1. The X”s O’s Filmroom features 3-6 breakdowns weekly of various offensive and defensive plays, using text, images, video with voice over’s and telestration.
  2. Use a mixture of video game & sim style playing. Everybody likes to play a different style of game. Some like a freestyle anything goes experience that might not mimic what you see on Sundays. Others like to play the game with realism. We cater to both styles of players.
  3. Offensive and defensive schemes that can be used to dominate your opponent.

Sign me up ASAP, Kobra! I want to make this season my most competitive ever

I understand that:

  • I will receive an email with my Gridiron Guide 16 user id, password, and a link shortly after I place my order.
  • My investment is only $21.95 for full access to the Gridiron Guide 16 guide, plus get free access to the X’s O’s Filmroom.
  • My order is 100% guaranteed. If I’m not satisfied within the first 7 days of receiving my guide, I can ask for a complete refund.
  • To view the Gridiron Guide 16, you will need internet service, and some type of device such with a web browser to view it.
  • The Gridiron Guide 16 is mobile friendly.
  • The Gridiron Guide 16 will be continually updated throughout the current pro football season with new content.

Order the Gridiron Guide 16 for Football Games for only $27.95 $21.95

If you don’t get your copy today, then you are putting yourself at a serious competitive disadvantage.

While you are at work or school, there will be tons of players prepping in the lab and waiting to spank your butt as soon as you get online.

I can’t promise you that you will become the greatest player ever known to man. I don’t know how much time you have to devote to learning our strategies, and for all I know you might be a complete and total clutz on the sticks (there is still hope for you with our guide though).

What I can promise you is that if you apply the strategies and tactics that we break down in this guide, you will improve. You will be more competitive and you will win more games than ever before.

Seriously, it’s only $21.95 for hundreds of hours of work. We are talking a large pizza and a movie ticket here vs. your opportunity to smack people in the head with this game.

I’ve shown you above the great lengths that my team is going to to make sure that you are the best player that you can possibly be. The rest is up to you…

Click the ORDER NOW BUTTON below to place your order:

 Gridiron Guide 16 Here is what others have said about Ultimate Football Guides books and services

“It will change your game life forever!”

“I play with 4 friends on a normal basis. Last year I was the worst player, and lost nine out of ten games played. I would get so frustrated that I would go home and curse everyone I lost to. This year I decided to purchase some Ultimate Football Guides products. I’m on a 9 game winning streak with no losses, and for once the tables have turned. Know one knows what my plays are, or why they cannot cover anyone of my men.

I have learned how to call a play make minor changes to the play, because I now can tell what type of coverage my opponent is using. I have not revealed to anyone why I’m so strong at the game. I have told everyone who is not part of my circle on how great this system can be if you put the time in to learn the power plays. I will never tell the players in my circle because I love winning! My quote of the day is “If you want to be the best you have to pay for the best!” It will change your game life forever!”

— Michael Skimmer

“The Gridiron Guide 16 is a tool that you cannot put a price tag on!”

“This just in.. The Gridiron Guide 16 is a tool that you cannot put a price tag on.. The book is something that I find myself going back to and needing day in and day out.. Believe you me when I tell you this, I have been a customer of Ultimate Football Guides since the conception and the service and quality of their products have improved year in and year out.. This is coming from a Veteran in the Madden community so this is not something that only the “Pros” can use this is something for everybody..

— James Wynn

“My friends cannot believe my success and are frustrated when I pick apart the defense.”

“I was not the greatest player out there. Yet through studying the guide and following the steps and tips given (in great detail!) I was able to up my game 300%. My friends cannot believe my success and are frustrated when I pick apart the defense. It doesn’t matter anymore that they run man to man or zone I can read them like a book.

I have more time in the pocket and my hot routes and formation shifts cause chaos in the secondary (more mismatches then you can believe). If you wanna be the ultimate madden player and show off to your friends the Ultimate Football Guides are the key!!!”

— Joe Pacino

“You shouldn’t even waste your time looking elsewhere for a guide for the elite”

“From what a play is to how to optimize your player on every said play, it’s all in there. They have breakdowns you wouldn’t even think of that benefit you to the fullest. If you want to learn the ins and outs of not only the game but Football, you shouldn’t even waste your time looking elsewhere for a guide for the elite. Ultimate Football Guides has it hands down.!”

— Steve Shields


  1. I bought the 2014 gridiron guide and was intrigued. 2 questions; when will this be available and will everything be covered? In 2014 there were still some links stating "coming soon". Thanks.

  2. Geoege, the plan is for the guide to be out on August 25th. I am sure there will be some breakdowns that won't be ready to view when the guide is dropped on launch date. I will be adding more updates to the Gridiron Guide 16 over the first two weeks once the guide is launched just in case something needs to be added or updated that was not included at launch. I hope that answers your two questions. Please keep in mind, there were 220 plus breakdowns that were in the 2014 Gridiron Guide. Of the 220, plus maybe 10 of those were not finished or added. However, I know some of those breakdowns were covered in the Filmroom.

  3. Will you have schemes for different offensive/defensive playbooks and will they work with stock audible if you play madden ultimate team? Also, will you make updates on new schemes or playbooks as the season goes on?

  4. fps129, my plan is add a scheme from each team's playbook. I can do them based on default audibles. I actually like that idea as it will suit those that play ultimate team.


  5. P, that's a good and fair question. Normally what I have done in year's past is add different plays to the scheme/concept. For example if I the Run and Shoot, I would not use the same plays I did from last year or year's past in this years guide. Also, I try to keep adding new schemes to the guide each each year. For example, Ill be adding a Gun Trio scheme that I have not had in the guide in year's past. Obviously some content is going to be the same as in year's past guides. For example the Spacing concept is not going to change all that much. I'll show it again in this year's guide, but from a different formation. I hope that makes sense. Also, keep in mind the Filmroom will also have content in it that might not be covered in the Gridiron Guide 16. Finally, I plan on keep updating the Gridiron Guide 16 throughout this year's real NFL season. I hope that answers your question. My goal is to make the Gridiron Guide 16 a useful tool and one that can be used all season long, rather than just a few weeks.


  6. Hey Kobra. Ive been a followed since VGSports days. I just bought your gridiron guild 16 but have yet to get the user and password link. I am crazy excited so please get your tech support team to send me that info. My email is troupe20@live.com

  7. Looks like im in business boss. Just took a few minutes i guess to give me access. Wow, that was quick support. Got email fast after that concern.

  8. Leonard, no problem. On pre-orders, I have to manually set up the account. Try to get to them as soon as I get them. After tonight everything will be automatic as far as the Gridiron Guide 16 goes.

    BTW, thanks for the support over the year's. I miss VG Sports, there is not to many days where I dont think about Bert, Ron, Big B, Mad Bomber, and LBZRules. I miss the whole entire gang.


  9. Hey Kobra,
    I bought the Gridiron guide 16 right now but can't access to the filmroom, can you help me and give me a solution please.
    Thanks by advance !
    Greg aka spygreg (longtime suscriber !!!)
    P.S : like always you have done a great job, your guide is awesome !!!!!

  10. spygreg, you are all set up, should be able to login. If not, please let me know ASP. Thanks for the support, Kobra

  11. Hey kobra I want to purchase your guide but money is really tight for me right now. Can u email me and possibly we can work out a payment I can arrange for u in order to get me access to the guide? I'm really interested in learning this game at a high level

  12. First … I luv what you are doing here

    I notice many of the links don't work … Will they be updated

    And I can't log into the weekly tips area?

    How can I contact you about so thing else biz related?


    • Dex, working on more updates for the Gridiron Guide 16. Please check your email for your login in link.


  13. Kobra, I was wondering when more material was going to be updated. I purchased membership hoping to get some weekly tips to improve my Madden game. I hope all is well. Looking for updates soon. By the way are you going to be doing anything in the near future on the links that are DEAD.

    • Bobby, I just updated the filmroom with 5 passing plays and 1 run play from the Gun Split Close Pats. I am working on a blitz guide that will be free for everyone who bought the Gridiron Guide 16. I am hoping to have it done by the end of the week. Also will be adding some more breakdowns to the Gridiron Guide 16 over the next month.

  14. How do I purchase a copy of Gridiron Guide 16? When I go to buy it, it does not show up on the list of items available for purchase. Thanks


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