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Gun 5WR Trio Breakdown


The Gun 5WR Trio is designed to spread the defense out by putting 5 receivers on the field at the same time. Two receivers line up on the left, while three receiver line up on the right. The split end and the right middle slot receiver line up on the line of scrimmage, while the left slot, right slot, and flanker line up off the line of scrimmage.

gun 5wr trio thumb Gun 5WR Trio Breakdown

Playbooks Found In Madden 15:

  • Bears
  • Buccaneers
  • Rams
  • Run n Gun

Player Personnel (00):

  • 0 HB
  • 0 TE
  • 5 WR

Formation Alignment:

  • 2×3

Formation Style:

  • Spread

Default Audibles:

  • Stick
  • Jet Sweep
  • Strong Flood
  • PA Jet Sweep

Note: based off Bears offensive playbook.

Recommended Audibles:

  • Spacing
  • QB Draw
  • Curl Flats
  • Four Verticals

Note: based off Bears offensive playbook.


Normal, HB Slot, Backup QB, WR Flip, TE Slot, WR Strong Rt, WR Strong Lt, Strong Slots, HB Wk Slot

Coaching Points:

  • By having five receivers spread out on the field, it forces the defense to change from a base personnel to a smaller faster personnel to cover all those receivers. Most defenses don’t have five players who can effectively cover five wide receivers.
  • If packages or subs are made, the offense can easily create mismatches that favor.
  • In most cases there is going to be a weakness in the defense’s coverage; all the offense has to do is spot the weakness and exploit it. This can easily be done by using different packages or subbing receivers in different spots to create mismatches.
  • Motion can also be used to create favorable mismatches
  • By using the Gun 5WR Trio formation, you are telling your opponent on defense, I can put more athletes on the field than you have on defense. Try to stop me.


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