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Gun Ace Twins – Post Vs Zone Coverage


The second play that Phillyron shows from the Detroit’s playbook is the same one he showed for his first play, which was Gun Ace Twins – Post. This time he shows how he likes to run the play against zone coverage.

“If you have followed me over the years you know I won’t give you anything incomplete. As we take a second look at the Gun Ace Twins Post we will now focus on beating zone.

Lets get right into how we set up the Gun Ace Twins Post, Madden 101 style:

  • Hot route the SE (Split End(X) to a Fade
  • Hot route the Slot (B) to a streak
  • Hot route the TE2 (LB) to a slant out

The route combinations we use in this play are designed to beat both man and zone coverage. However, in this Madden 101 Offensive session we are facing the Sub 4-1-6 Sugar 3 DB Fire.”

To view the full write up and video breakdown, please click on the following link – Guns Ace Twins – Post Vs Zone Coverage


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