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Gun Bunch Formation Breakdown


The Gun Bunch is a 3×1 formation that has a group of three receivers that are clustered tight on the same side of the field. There is one lone receiver that is lined up on the backside of the formation, who generally lines up out wide. The running back lines up to the left of the quarterback. The quarterback lines up about 5 yards off the line of scrimmage and behind the center.

gun bunch formation Gun Bunch Formation Breakdown


  • The Gun Bunch formation is one of the better passing formations as it provides the offense a versatile passing attack by allowing the quarterback to find the open receiver quickly.
  • Easy to pre-read the pass coverages before the snap. Look for a the left cornerback to line up just outside of the flanker or even further outside to tell if zone coverage has been called.
  • The quarterback auto drops back 2 yards, allowing the user to take control of the quarterback quicker than under center.
  • Loaded with great passing plays to attack man and zone coverage.
  • One of the better compression formations in the game.


  • Chance of a high snap to the quarterback.
  • Limited amount of run plays.

Popular Gun Bunch Passing Plays

  • FL Drive
  • Mesh
  • Mesh Post
  • Stick
  • Verticals
  • Z Spot


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