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Gun Doubles Wk – PA Dagger


A play we like out of the Gun Doubles Wk is called PA Dagger. Although we like the Deep In/Seam combo ran by the split end and slot, we are going to change things up by hot routing the split end on a different pass route.

Play Diagram and Quick Play Breakdown:

gun doubles hb wk flex dal sem pa dragger Gun Doubles Wk – PA Dagger The  is designed to get the split end open as he breaks across the middle on his 12 yard deep in route. The play fake to running back is used to get the linebackers come up thinking run. If Cover 3 coverage is called, it allows the split end to get open between the linebackers and safety.

Playbooks Found In:

  • Cowboys (found inside Gun Doubles)
  • Dolphins
  • Giants
  • Titans

Quick Set Up Vs Man or Zone Coverage:

  • Hot route the the SE on a hitch.
  • Hot route the RB to stay into pass block.
  • Hot route the FL on a smoke screen.

Pass Reads Order Vs Zone Coverage:

  1. FL (B)
  2. TE (A)
  3. SL (Y)
  4. SE (X)

Coaching Points:

  • This play is very effective against any type of zone coverage defense as at least one receiver should be open at some point.
  • When going through your pass progressions, start from right to left. Read the FL, TE, SL, and SE
  • The halfback can be hot routed on the a swing route to the right. If you decide to make this hot route, realize that there may not be enough time to throw the ball to the split end as the pass protection may not hold up.
  • If a blitz is called with zone coverage behind it, look to throw to the split end or the tight end.

Video Breakdown:



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