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Gun Snugs – Quick Hook


In this Madden Tips breakdown, we take a look at a passing play from a popular compressed formation. The Gun Snugs – Quick Hook is a great play to attack man coverage. The plays primary receiver (split end) runs a quick hook towards the left. Once he hooks back, he is almost always open.

Play Diagram:

gun snugs quick hook thumb Gun Snugs   Quick Hook Playbooks Found In:

  • Cardinals

Default Pass Routes

Position Pass Route
Split End Hook (Primary)
Left Slot Corner
Right Slot Deep In
Flanker Drag
Runningback Delay Flat

Quick Set Up:

  • None

Coaching Points:

  • The Gun Snugs – Quick Hook primary receiver is the split end, who runs a quick hook. As soon as he hooks back, throw him the ball. The defender covering him, won’t be in position to break on the ball.
  • If Cover 1 man coverage is called, the left slot is an option once he breaks towards the corner.
  • The right slot’s deep in route is also a good option. Ideally, you your top receiver lined up there or at least one with speed and high route run rating. Once he breaks to the inside, look to see if has position on the defender covering him. If so, throw a hard left bullet pass towards him.
  • The flanker’s shallow crossing route is another option to throw the ball to. Watch to see if he has step on the defender covering him.
  • The runningback runs a delay flat (check and release) towards the right. Consider hot routing him on a wheel or swing him out towards the right.

Video Breakdown:


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