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Gun Trio – FL Dig


A play that we want to take a look at from the Gun Trio is called FL Dig. This play has the split end running a deep dig route. With motion, we turn his route into a deep out.

Note: this play is taken from the X’s O’s Filmroom. For more info on how to gain free access , please CLICK HERE!!!

guntrioflankerdig thumb Gun Trio – FL Dig The Gun Trio – FL Dig by default has the SE (X) running a deep dig route over the middle. The play is designed to get him open as he comes across the middle by having the slot receiver and tight end hold the underneath defenders if zone coverage is called. If man coverage is called look for him once he breaks over the middle. The RB (RB) runs a wheel route. If a blitz is called look for him before he breaks up the field.

Playbooks Found In:

  • Steelers

Quick Set Up:

  • Hot route the SL (Y) on a zig zag.
  • Send the SE in motion to the right. Snap the ball when he gets about 4-5 yards outside of the TE.

Pass Reads:

  • Look for the tight end on the in route.
  • Look for the slot receiver on the zig zag.
  • Once the FL breaks towards the outside, throw him a hard bullet pass to the right.
  • If the SE is not open, look for the RB, who runs the wheel route to the right.

Coaching Points:

  • When throwing the pass to the SE, be sure to throw a high bullet pass to the right just as he is about to break outside.
  • If a blitz is called, there will won’t be time to wait for the SE to run his pass route. Instead look to throw to the TE or RB.
  • Against zone coverage and if motion is not used, look for the SE just as he breaks over the deep middle. Watch for lurking defenders dropping back.

Video Breakdown:

[s3video url=”http://www.xsandosfootball.com/videos/gun-trio-flanker-dig.mp4″ splash=”http://www.xsandosfootball.com/videos/gun-trio-flanker-dig.jpg” preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]


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