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I-Form Pro – Texan Outs


A play from the I-Form Pro that is does an excellent job at attacking both man and coverage is the Texan Outs. For this breakdown, we mainly focus on beating zone coverage.

Play Diagram and Quick Play Breakdown:

iform pro texans outs1 I Form Pro   Texan Outs The I-Form Pro – Texan Outs has the flanker and split end both running 12 yard out routes. Against Cover 2 and Cover 3 coverage, look for them once they break towards the side line. Against man coverage, they will be open once they also break towards the side. The tight end, runs a slant hook over the middle of the field. The halfback runs a delayed flat route towards the right. The fullback stays into pass block.

Playbooks Found In:

  • Texans

Quick Set Up Vs Man or Zone Coverage:

  • Hot route the halfback on a swing route towards the left.

Pass Reads Order Vs Man or Zone Coverage:

  1. SE (B)
  2. HB (A)
  3. TE (Y)
  4. FL (X)

Coaching Points if Man or Zone Coverage is Called:

  • This play is very effective against Cover 2 and Cover 3 zone defenses.
  • Watch for defenders dropping back into the curl to flats as they will be in position to defend the pass.
  • The halfback can be hot routed on the a swing route to the right or left. Generally we hot route the halfback to the side we plan on throwing to based on our pre-snap read.
  • If man coverage is called, throw the ball to one of the receivers just as they break towards the outside. Make sure to lead the receiver towards the side line.
  • The tight end is an option once he curls back against zone providing only one defender drops back in a hook zone.
  • If man coverage is called, the tight end may be open on his slant portion of his pass route.

Video Breakdown:


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