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Madden Tips: Get Turnovers Back


TNT713, has posted a Madden Tips article called “Get Turnovers Back” . The article talks about how to get the ball back after a turnover by intercepting the ball or forcing a turnover.

The falling is an except from the post called “Get Turnovers Back” ” that was posted by TNT713.

Nobody wants to turn the ball over. Giving up the ball is the quickest way to lose a football game. Madden isn’t any different. To win, players must prioritize protecting the ball whenever it’s in their possession. Making a crucial mistake that gives up the football isn’t the end of the world; sometimes it’s not even the end of the play. Remember, after a turnover, the play isn’t over until the whistle blows. Legacy member FaceInDaDirt, sent in this tip to illustrate how forcing a turnover isn’t just for defenses anymore.

Ever pick off a pass, o­nly to fumble the ball back to the offense o­n the return? Nerve racking. Don’t lose you head when you lose the ball. Instead, use your defensive skills to wrest the ball away from defenders before your opponent’s skilled ball handlers get a chance to come on the field. Take the ball back when you turn it over and drive your opponent crazy.

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