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My Son’s First Run of the Season


As many of you know, not only do I play video game football, but I have also coached in year’s past for my son’s youth football team. This year, I am not coaching since we moved to a new area, which is Williamsville/Sherman, IL. However, I am doing my son’s team/player stats, plus doing some scouting along the way. My son played his first game this past Saturday and started off with a bang for his new team.

For those of you who want to follow a long with his new team’s 7th grade season, I will be posting a blog on X’s O’s Football with game recaps, stats, videos, ect…

Below is a clip of his first run of the season.

[s3video url=”http://www.xsosfootball.com/videos/s_gleason_run.mp4″ splash=”http://www.xsosfootball.com/videos/s_gleason_run.jpg” preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]




  1. Nice cut! Kid seems to have good vision and bit did he hit the hole quick. Must be reading his dad's gridiron guides. Lol

  2. Cool, thanks for sharing. Look forward to future updates on the season. Its cool to watch your son perform on the field, I **cough** many eons ago enjoyed my sons youth football team. Great times, enjoy them while you can and cherish these moments Kobra, one day you'll look up and say wow, your 20 now? LOL


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