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Panthers Offensive Formation List For Madden 16


The Madden 16 offensive playbook for the Panthers has been updated with several new Gun formations, plus a few new Strong formations. Overall the Panthers playbook looks solid and one that will continue to get attention in Madden 16.

Offensive Formation List:

  1. Goal Line Normal
  2. Gun Ace
  3. Gun Ace Twins
  4. Gun Bunch Wk
  5. Gun Dbls Flex Wing Wk
  6. Gun Double Stack
  7. Gun Doubles Offset
  8. Gun Empty Panther
  9. Gun Heavy Panther
  10. Gun Normal Y-Flex Tight
  11. Gun Split Panther
  12. Gun Trey Y-Flex
  13. Gun Trips TE
  14. Gun Y-Trips Open
  15. Gun Y-Trips TE Slot
  16. Hail Mary Hail Mary
  17. I-Form Pro
  18. I-Form Tight Pair
  19. Pistol Full Panther
  20. Pistol Strong
  21. Pistol Weak
  22. Singleback Ace
  23. Singleback Ace Pair Flex
  24. Singleback Bunch Ace
  25. Singleback Panther Doubles
  26. Singleback Tight Slots
  27. Strong H Pro
  28. Strong H Twins
  29. Weak Pro Twins
  30. Wildcat Slot Flex

 Offensive Formations Breakdown:

The Panthers offensive playbook has a total of 30 offensive formations for Madden 16. It has 11 new offensive formations that have been added. They are Gun Ace Twins, Gun Bunch Wk, Gun Dbls Flex Wing Wk, Gun Double Stack, Gun Doubles Offset, Gun Empty Panther, Gun Normal Y-Flex Tight, Gun Split Panther, Gun Y-Trips Open, Strong H Pro, and Strong H Twins.

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  1. Hi Kobra, thanks again for posting all of these formations early. One thing, some of the formations mentioned in the breakdown do not appear in the list above. The list looks like the eagles pb.

  2. I goofed up with copying and pasting the right formations in. I should of had my cup of hot tea this morning before starting on this. I fixed, it now reflects the correct Panthers offensive formation list for Madden 16.

    Sorry about that,


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