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    Patriots Offensive Playbook Quick Audibles


    One of our personal favorite offensive playbooks over the years has been the Patriots playbook. With plenty of Gun formations to choose from, it’s one of pass friendly playbooks in the game.

    [wp_lightbox_special_anchor_text_pdf link=”http://www.xsosfootball.com/lockerroom/patriots-quick-audibles.pdf” width=”900″ height=”720″ title=”Patriots Offensive Playbook Quick Audibles” text=”For those wanting to view all the Patriots Offensive playbook quick audibles, please Click Here“]

    Note: the  Patriots Offensive Playbook Quick Audibles, plus other team playbook quick audibles can be found in the  Gridiron Guide 13. For more information on what’s in the guide, please click on the following link – Gridiron Guide 13




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