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Pistol Full House Tight


The Pistol Full House Tight features 21 personal and is balanced formation that can be used to run or pass the ball. The quarterback lines up in the Pistol, while the fullback and tight end flank him on both sides. The halfback lines up directly behind the quarterback. The flanker lines up tight on the right side, while the split end lines up split out on the left. Both receivers line up on the line of scrimmage. The formation can only be found in the Redskins playbook and has total of 12 plays ( 6 pass, 6 run).

Note: this breakdown is taking from the X’s O’s Filmroom. For more info on what’s in the X’s O’s Filmroom, please  CLICK HERE !!!!!

pistol full house tight thumb Pistol Full House Tight

Player Personnel (21):

  • 1 HB
  • 1 FB
  • 2 WR
  • 1 TE

Formation Alignment:

  • 1×1

Formation Style:

  • Base

Complete List of Plays:

  • HB Counter
  • HB Toss Sift
  • PA Boot
  • PA Flood FB Slip
  • PA Skins Cross
  • PA Skins Slant
  • Power Option
  • Read Option
  • Read Option Wk
  • Skins Corners
  • Skins Curls
  • Zone Wk Sift

Pre-Set Audibles:

  • Skins Curls
  • Read Option
  • Skins Corners
  • PA Skins Cross


Normal, Backup QB, HB Sub, WR Flip, Dual HB, Dual HB Swap, FB TE Flip, Dual TE, TE Wide Out, Jumbo, FB HB Flip

Key Play Breakdowns:

full house tight read option thumb Pistol Full House Tight fullhousetightskinscorners thumb Pistol Full House Tight fullhousetightskinscurls thumb Pistol Full House Tight
The Full House Tight – Read Option gives the quarterback the option to the either hand the ball to the halfback, who looks to run through the 2 hole between the center and right guard. If he doesn’t hand the ball off to the halfback, he keeps it himself and looks to run towards the right side behind the fullback. The Full House Tight – Skins Corners has the split end and the plays primary receiver, who runs a backwards c route. The flanker, runs a corner route towards the right. The tight end and fullback both run flat routes. The halfback runs a delay curl route out of the backfield. When you look at the route combos to both sides, this is play is form of the smash concept. The Full House Tight – Skins Curls is designed to attack zone coverage by having a curl flat combo ran to both sides of the field. The split end runs a 15 yard curl as is the plays primary receiver. The flanker runs a 12 yard curl route. The tight end and the halfback run flat routes.  The fullback runs an angle route and gives the quarterback another option to look to throw to.

Pistol Full House Tight – PA Flood FB Slip

The Full House Tight – PA Flood FB Slip is an excellent play to call to beat bump-n-run man coverage as the split end does not get jammed at the line of scrimmage.

Play Diagram and Quick Play Breakdown:

full house tight pa flood slip thumb Pistol Full House Tight The Full House Tight – PA Flood FB Slip is designed to create a flood to the right side of the field with three receivers running pass routes at different levels. The TE (Y) runs a flat, the FB (RB) runs a corner, and the FL (B) a go route. On the backside, the SE (X) runs a dig route. The play fake to the halfback is designed to get the linebackers to come up allowing the flanker to get open over the middle as he comes across the field.

Playbooks Found In:

  • Redskins

Quick Set Up Vs Man Coverage:

  • Hot route the HB on a swing route left.

Pass Reads Order Vs Man Coverage:

  1. TE (Y)
  2. FB (RB)
  3. SE (X)

Coaching Points If Man Coverage Is Called:

  • If a blitz is called, look for the halfback on the swing route to the right.
  • Once the tight end breaks towards the corner, throw a hard bullet pass towards the right.
  • The split end does not get jammed at the line of scrimmage if bump-n-run man coverage is called.
  • The split end gets open in most cases once he breaks to the inside. Watch to see if the defender is covering him behind or in front. If the defender is behind him, throw a hard bullet by pressing the left stick at the 3 o’clock position.

Video Breakdown:

[youtube id=”HEm8iUb4Nj0″ width=”620″ height=”370″]


  1. Not sure how I came across this site but I am glad that I did. I was looking for a new scheme for my Beloved Redskins and been having mixed results. Never even used this formation before. Your play breakdown is damn near how my old high school coach would have said it. lol. So far, so good with this formation, of course using dual hb to have Morris and Helu back there works wonders. Also need help on D and went back to your 4-4 vid from 2012, don’t really get the SDT getting in but like the coverage. Keep up the good work!


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