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Ravens Offensive Formation List For Madden 16


The Ravens offensive playbook for Madden 16 has a well balanced of new formations that been added to this year’s game. The playbook features new formations from the Gun, I-Form, Singleback, and Strong.

Offensive Formation List:

1. Goal Line Normal
2. Gun Bunch Wk
3. Gun Doubles
4. Gun Empty Base Flex
5. Gun Flip Trips Raven
6. Gun Spread Y-Flex
7. Gun Trips Y-Flex Tight
8. Gun Y-Trips HB Wk
9. Gun Y-Trips Open
10. Hail Mary Hail Mary
11. I-Form Close
12. I-Form Pro
13. I-Form Pro Twins
14. I-Form Tight
15. I-Form Tight Pair
16. I-Form Tight Twins
17. Singleback Ace
18. Singleback Ace Pair
19. Singleback Ace Pair Twins
20. Singleback Bunch Ace
21. Singleback Deuce Wing
22. Singleback Doubles
23. Singleback Jumbo
24. Singleback Tight Doubles
25. Singleback Trio
26. Singleback Y-Trips TE Slot
27. Strong Pro
28. Strong Pro Twins
29. Strong Tight
30. Weak Pro
31. Weak Tight Twins

 Offensive Formations Breakdown:

The Ravens offensive playbook has a total of 31 offensive formations for Madden 16. It has 16 new offensive formations that have been added. They are Gun Empty Base Flex, Gun Flip Trips Raven, Gun Trips Y-Flex Tight, Gun Y-Trips HB Wk, Gun Y-Trips Open, I-Form Close, I-Form Pro Twins, I-Form Tight Pair, Singleback Ace Pair Twins, Singleback Bunch Ace, Singleback Deuce Wing, Singleback Tight Doubles, Singleback Y-Trips TE Slot,
Strong Pro Twins, Strong Tight, and Weak Tight Twins.

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  1. Does anyone know if the Pistol Doubles formation is going to be a 3WR 1TE 1RB spread formation? Otherwise, it would just be like Pistol Slot. I am hoping it will be a 3-wide set and not a 4-wide.

  2. I'm sure pistol doubles is no different then gun or single back doubles just that it is in the pistol lol should be 3wr ,1rb 1 te …not a 4wr set that would be spread like in new Orleans playbook from last season

  3. lol…if it's just like the singleback version of doubles or the gun version of doubles on, then it would be pretty much exactly the same as the Pistol Slot formation that already exists. That's why i'm asking if it is more of a 3WR spread like Gun Normal Y-Flex or Gun Normal Y-Slot.

  4. No it is not like y normal flex or y slot those are formations with the TE off the line ..doubles is like the gun and single back doubles ..the pistol slot you keep talking bout I want to say has the slot receiver on the right side where the doubles has the slot on the left ..

  5. The Pistol Slot formation that has been in the game the last couple of years has the slot WR on the left and the TE on the line on the right, which is the same as SB/SG Doubles. The slot receiver is on the right for Y-Trips and Wing Trips in previous versions of Madden. If you're talking about keeping the TE on the right and just having the slot beside him on the right, then it becomes a trips look. It looks like other playbooks are showing Pistol Slot, so there presumably is some difference between Pistol Slot and Pistol Doubles in M16.

  6. OK I was talking bout strong slot with the slot wr on right side so that my bad ..there might be some difference for Madden 16 but pistol slot on m15 is just like sb and sg doubles so who knows we will find out soon when the plays from the playbooks come out


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