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Saints Offensive Formation List For Madden 16


The Saints offensive playbook for Madden 16 didn’t get a lot of new formations added to it outside of 3 Pistol formations, plus a few added Gun formations.

Offensive Formation List:

  1. Goal Line Normal
  2. Gun DBL Y- Flex Off Wk
  3. Gun Doubles Wk
  4. Gun Empty Saint
  5. Gun Empty Trey
  6. Gun Empty Y-Saints
  7. Gun Split Offset
  8. Gun Spread Y-Slot
  9. Gun Tight Offset TE
  10. Gun Trey Open Saint
  11. Gun Trips Y- Iso
  12. Gun Wing Trio Wk
  13. Hail Mary Hail Mary
  14. I-Form Close
  15. I-Form Pro
  16. I-Form Tight
  17. I-Form Twins Flex
  18. Pistol Bunch TE
  19. Pistol Slot Wing
  20. Pistol Y-Trips
  21. Singleback Ace
  22. Singleback Bunch Base
  23. Singleback Doubles
  24. Singleback Jumbo
  25. Singleback Snugs Flip
  26. Singleback Twin TE Flex
  27. Strong Close

Offensive Formations Breakdown:

The Raiders offensive playbook has a total of 27 offensive formations for Madden 16. It has 7 new offensive formations that have been added which are Gun DBL Y-Flex Off Wk, Gun Tight Offset TE, Gun Trey Open Saint, I-Form Close, Pistol Bunch TE, Pistol Slot Wing, and Pistol Y-Trips.

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