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Quick Plays #6: Singleback Ace – Inside Cross


The Singleback Ace – Inside Cross ( a variation of the mesh passing concept) has both tight ends running crossing routes making this play very effective at attacking multiple coverages. In addition it is well-suited to handle blitz packages.  However, the plays primary receiver is the X receiver, who runs a deep post.

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Receiver Pass Route Reads Coaching Points
X Post 1 If the MOFO (middle of the field open), then look throw him. For instance if Cover 0 coverage is called, there won’t be a safety playing the deep middle. This coverage would be the ideal time to make throw to him.
H Drag Right 2 If man coverage is called, look to throw him as he comes across the short middle of the field. Often there is natural pick between him and the Y (TE1) receiver.
Y Drag Left 3 If a zone coverage is called, the hook zone defenders generally cover the deep in route ran by the Z receiver. The Y or H receiver should be open over the short middle of the field at some point. Just don’t expect to pick up a lot of yardage when throwing to one of them if more than one defender drops back in a hook zone.
Z Deep In 4 Runs straight up the field about 12 yards before breaking inside. If man coverage is called, wait for the Z receiver to break inside towards the middle of the field. If he gets inside position on the defender covering him, throw a hard bullet pass.
HB Delay Curl 5 His protection rule is to check for a potential blitzer. If no defender comes in on a blitz, he has a check-release delay curl route at five yards. Look to dump the ball off to him if zone defense is called if no other receiver is open.


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