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Singleback Ace – PA Double Smokes


The Singleback Ace – PA Double Smokes is another play you won’t actually find in the game. However, by making a few pre-snap adjustments while coming out in the Singleback Ace – PA All Go, this play can easily be created.

Play Diagram and Quick Play Breakdown:

pa doublesmokes thumb Singleback Ace – PA Double Smokes The Singleback Ace – Double Smokes is created from the PA All Go. It has the flanker and split end being hot routed on smoke screens. The two tight ends runs seam routes down the left and right hash marks. The quarterback play fakes to the runningback, who then pass blocks.

Playbooks Found In (PA All Go):

  • Balanced Run
  • Brian Billick
  • Buccaneers
  • Chiefs
  • Colts
  • Dick Vermeil
  • Eagles
  • Saints
  • Vikings

Quick Set Up:

  • Hot route the split end on a smoke screen.
  • Hot route the flanker on a smoke screen.

Pass Reads Order:

  1. SE (B)
  2. TE1 (A)
  3. TE2 (Y)
  4. FL (B)

pa double smokes pass reads thumb Singleback Ace – PA Double Smokes

Coaching Points:

  • The Singleback Ace – PA Doubles Smokes can be created from other pa plays out the Singleback Ace. The reason we picked the PA All Go is the tight ends are already running seam routes. Rather than having to hot route four receivers, we only have hot route two receivers.
  • If press coverage is called, don’t hot route the split end and flanker on smoke screens. Either run the play as is or hot route the split end and flanker on slants or audible to another play.
  • If Cover 3 is called, watch to see if the linebackers bite on the play fake. If they do, one of the outside receivers will be open. The ball needs to be thrown quickly or the linebackers will be able to get out and cover the flats.
  • The same can be said about a safety covering the flat. He may or may not bite on the play fake. Watch to see if he does. If he does, there should be enough time to throw to the receiver in the flat in most cases.
  • If Cover 4 is called, throw to one of the outside receivers.

Video Breakdown:


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