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Texas Passing Concept


A West Coast staple passing concept is called Texas. This real football play passing concept features a high-low read between a receiver, who runs a post , and a running back, who runs an angle route. The two pass routes are designed create a two-on-one isolation on a defender dropping back in a hook zone.

The Texas passing concept was extensively ran by Mike Holmgren when he was the head coach of the Green  Packers. Any time the  Packers played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers you can bet that this play was ran. The main reason for this was the type of Cover 2 zone defense that the Buccaneers would run, which was Tampa 2.  This type of Cover 2 coverage had the middle linebacker dropping over the deep middle. By having the tight end run a post, his pass route would draw the middle linebacker deep down the middle of the field. This would allow the fullback to get open underneath when running his angle route towards the short middle of the field.

[s3video s3url=”strong-i-pro-texas.mp4″ responsive=”on”/]

Note: to view the football play in motion, click  the play button.

Pass Routes:

X 15-Yard Deep Comeback
Y Post
Z 15-Yard Deep Comeback
H Angle
HB Swing

QB Pass Reads Vs Tamps 2:

If the defense plays Tampa 2 coverage, the two outside receivers will occupy the two safeties, while the tight end’s post is designed to occupy the middle linebacker. Once the fullback breaks towards the short middle of the field, he should be the receiver that quarterback looks to throw against Tampa 2.


  1. I don’t understand this site. Sometimes you see great articles like this that apply real concepts to the game, and sometimes its cheesy set-ups and money plays. What’s going on?

  2. Louis, we try to keep it clean for the most part on here. Is there a particular breakdown on here that you feel we created money play with. If so, please let us know so we can take a look at it.



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