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Video Football Game Tips: Basic Game Tips


Here are some basic football video game tips that most of you may already know, but for those who are new to playing video football games, they are a good read to get you started to becoming a better player.
• Learn to pre read the defense. That is the one of the main keys to successfully moving the ball down the field. Use motion to see if the defense is playing man or zone coverage. Look to see if your opponent uses the Man Shift Cover Audible. If so read to see what the linebacker and safeties do. They generally will tip off what type of pass coverage the defense is in (Cover 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4). Look for linebackers or safeties creeping up near the line of scrimmage, this almost always spells blitz.
• Using Audibles are important on both sides of the ball. Be sure to know each one and what they are used for. We like to have a good mix of run and pass audibles on offense. Generally, two runs and 3 pass plays work well.
• Hot Routes are one of our favorite tools on offense to take advantage of mismatches or to flood zones.
• Do not be bland while on offense. Do not get in the habit of running on first down or throwing on third down. Be creative and most of all keep the defense off balance by running plays that your opponent would never guess you running. Players, who are predictable on offense, are the ones who are shut down quickest.
• Use motion to create mismatches or to confuse the defense. Often you can get a fast receiver or a halfback matched up a linebacker by simply putting them in motion.
• Use a balanced attack unless your personnel dictates otherwise. What we mean by this is there teams in Madden 12, that just do not have the personnel to be a running team or vice versa a passing team. Play to your teams strengths, not to your team’s weaknesses.
• Speed kills and cyber football field. You can never have enough speed on both sides of the field. We like fast receivers and halfbacks on offense. On defense fast defensive ends, linebackers, and defensive backs can make life a whole a lot easier when playing Madden NFL 12.


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