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Quick Plays #1: Weak Tight Twins – Vertical Cross


A passing play out of the Weak Tight Twins that we like to attack both man and zone coverage vertically and horizontally is the Vertical Cross.

Madden 12 Playbooks Found In

  • Falcons

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Receiver Pass Route Reads Coaching Points
X Post 1 If Cover 2 zone coverage is called, look for him over the deep middle.
Z Deep Cross 3 Plays primary receiver. If man coverage is called, look to see if he has inside position on his man. If he does throw him a bullet pass.
Y Deep Cross 2 Against Cover 3 coverage, the tight end will be open as he gets closer to the left side. Watch for a defender in the curl to flat area.
FB Flat 4 If the defense calls zone blitz, look to throw to the fullback in the left flat.
HB Swing 1 Check down receiver if no other receiver open.

Alternate Set Up Vs Cover 3

If Cover 3 coverage is called, consider hot routing Y on a steak (seam). Then send him in motion to the right where he now lines up split out wide. Once the ball is snapped, he will draw the left cornerback away, allowing the Z receiver to get open underneath of the coverage.



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