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Weak Tight Twins – TE Zig Zag Iso


The third and final play we want to show from the Weak Tight Twins is not an actual play that is found of game. We call this TE Zig Zag Iso. If you look at the Spacing play diagram, you will notice that the play diagram below is the same, except for one difference. The tight end is now running a Zig Zag (Whip) route.

weak i spacing zig zag thumb Weak Tight Twins   TE Zig Zag Iso The Weak Tight Twins -TE Zig Zag Iso has the split end running a  5-7 yard curl route. The flanker runs a spot (slant hook). The fullback runs a flat route towards left. This route combination is very effective against zone coverage as the split end or the flanker get open against that type of coverage. The tight end runs a Zig Zag and the halfback runs a swing route towards the right.

Playbooks Found In:

  • Falcons
  • Jaguars
  • Raiders

Quick Set Up Vs Man Coverage

  • Hot route the tight end on a zig zag.
  • Hot route the HB on a streak.
  • Send the HB in motion to right.
  • Snap the ball before the HB sets.

Pass Reads Vs Man Coverage:

  • Look to throw to the TE once he breaks towards the sideline on his zig zag route.
  • Look for the FL on the once he curls back when running his slant hook.
  • Look for for the FL once he curls back.

Coaching Points If Man Coverage Is Called:

  • The HB won’t be jammed at the line of scrimmage.
  • If the defense is in Cover 0 or Cover 1, look to see if the HB gets a step or two on his man.
  • The idea of this play is to get the TE isolated on a linebacker.
  • When making the throw to the tight end, throw the ball hard right at the 3 o’clock position.

Video Breakdown:[jwplayer config=”myplayer” html5_file=”http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/weak-tight-twins-te-iso.mp4″ file=”http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/weak-tight-twins-te-iso.mp4″ image=”http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/weak-tight-twins-te-iso.jpg” width=”614″ height=”420″ autoplay=”false”]



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