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Whether you already have “mad game” or if you are new to football video games Football, the X’s O’s Filmroom will give you the strategies and tips you need to take your game to the next level.

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Unlike standalone ebooks or video guides, the X’s O’s Filmroom is updated weekly throughout the current pro football season!!!! Our  X’s and O’s Football Tips and Footballs Strategies will save you countless hours of practice time. You will receive only the best and most effective breakdowns that our team has tested and verified. These are plays that anyone can use to improve their game immediately. The strategies covered in the X’s O’s Filmroom will help you improve game for football videos game such as Madden . Rather than showing glitches, we show real offensive and defensive football concepts that translate over to video game football. Think of this product an exclusive club of Football Video Game Tips where we personally hand-pick and test plays to give you constant support and updated winning tips.

Discover the Football Video Game Tips the Top Ballers Use to Dominate Online & Offline

  • Weekly newly crafted and continual content throughout the current pro football season.
  • At least 3-6 new breakdowns every week!
  • That’s over a 120 strategies during the current pro football season.

X’s O’s Filmroom Provides Video Football Game Tips Year Around To Improve Your Video Football Game

  • Visually showing you how the plays work – Unlike other Video Football Game Tips sites, not only do we use video and voice overs for our breakdowns, we also use telestration, just like you see on those weekly football breakdown shows.
  • Light up the Scoreboard with “Money Plays” – Are you being shut down on offense? We’ll show you how to exploit weaknesses on the field and bust the defense wide open.
  • Beating Zone Coverage – If you don’t know how to beat zone coverage, your passing game is going to struggle. That’s why we provide plenty of zone busters, so you never have to worry about beating pattern read zone coverage.
  • Creating bump-n-run man beaters – Let’s face it, beating bump-n-run man coverage has always been a challenge over the years. This type of coverage is even more effective if your opponent knows anything about bringing the heat.  Don’t worry; we got you covered as we will break down several plays that destroy bump n run man coverage.
  • Increasing your rushing attack totals – Running the ball is not the most exciting way to gain yardage, but it’s highly effective in this year’s game. In the X’s O’s Filmroom, we show plenty of power and finesses run plays to help get your running game on track. We also show how to get the most of out of the running game from the Spread Option and Pistol offensive formations.
  • Enhancing blitz schemes – One of the first things we do when we get the game is find ways to bring instant pressure on the quarterback, and we got plenty of them! This will increase the number of sacks you get by hooking up the standard blitz plays to make them more deadly.
  • Defending against Offensive “Money Plays” – We are constantly receiving requests for help in defending against certain offensive “money ” plays that players take advantage of online or head-to-head. We break them down for you, showing you how to run them yourself and defeat them with powerful defensive strategies.
  • Countering the Blitz – Are you being shredded by 1 second blitzes? We’ll show you how to stop the heat and bust the defense wide open. Counters are included for every enhanced blitz that we show.
  • Stopping the Run game – In this year’s game, stopping the run game is harder than ever. Don’t worry, we offer plenty of run stoppers to slow down even the most potent rushing attack.

Here are some more of the Football Video Game Tips and Features you can expect from the X’s O’s Filmroom:

X’s O’s Filmroom Features

  1. Learn how to make pre-snap reads of the defense. If you can determine whether the defense is in man or zone coverage, then you can bust them wide open. The X’s O’s Filmroom will continuously explore techniques that you can use to figure out what the defense is doing before the snap. Then we’ll show you how to attack!
  2. Use a mixture of video game & Sim style playing. Everybody like to play a different style of game. Some like a freestyle anything goes experience that might not mimic what you see on Sundays. Others like to play the game to the nth degree of realism. We cater to both styles of players.
  3. Attack any coverage with compression sets. Many of our play breakdowns utilize compression concepts. We’ll show you how to create matchup problems for the defense over and over again. Put the defense on its heels and ring up the scores.
  4. Get the skills to running a shutdown defense. We’ll show you play after play that will increase the heat on the QB while at the same time protecting the weak spots on the field.
  5. Breakdown of various offensive and defensive plays, using text, images, video with voice over’s and telestration.
  6. Offensive and defensive schemes that can be used to dominate your opponent.
  7. The X’s O’s Filmroom is web based and can be viewed with any web browser or on the iPad and other mobile devices.

Breaking Down Plays To Whole New Level

At X’s O’s Football, we take breaking down plays to a whole new level! Unlike other sites, not only do we break down plays with video and voiceover, we add our signature style with telestrations to each video breakdown that would even make the Czar of the telestrator proud. Nobody puts that kind of effort and detail into their breakdowns!!!!.

Get Your Weekly Video Football Game Tips Immediately

We know that you had to shell out your hard-earned dough for the game itself, so we are offering a very low price to gain access to the X’s O’s Filmroom™ for only $19.95 $12.95. Your $12.95 gets you all the strategies and tips listed above, and much more. Your account will be activated immediately after your order is placed. We’ll send you a confirmation email, with login info and user id. If you are ready to take your game to new heights, click the order button now to gain instant access now.

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  1. I’m trying to increase my skills in playing madden football 17. On defense, I’m struggling to read the offense formation. I have a hard time user controlling. On offense, I’m struggling with reading the field. I tend to focus on one route. I need help.


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