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4-4 Split – 2 Deep


A zone defense out of the 4-4 Split that we like to run to apply pressure on the quarterback is called 2 Deep. In the Football Video Game tips breakdown for Madden 13, the set up we are about to show, we look to put the heat on the quarterback from the SDT.

Note: the following breakdown is taken from the Blitz Guide 13. For more information on what’s in the Blitz Guide 13, CLICK HERE.

44split2deep thumb 4 4 Split – 2 Deep The 4-4 Split – 2 Deep has the RCB and LCB playing an invert Cover 2 as both play the deep halves of the field. There are five defenders playing underneath coverage. The ROLB and LOLB play the flats, while the RILB, FS, and LILB. There are four defenders that rush the quarterback. By default the pass coverage is solid with those five defenders playing underneath. The deep pass coverage is not as strong as the deep middle of the field could be open.

Playbooks Found In:

  • 4-3

Quick Set Up:

  • Spread the defensive line out.
  • Hot route the RE into QB Contain.
  • Hot route the WDT into a hook zone or QB Spy.
  • Hot route the LOLB to QB Contain.
  • Move the LOLB closer to the line of scrimmage (optional).

Where the Pressure Comes From:

  • The pressure is designed to come from the SDT, who shoots through the A-gap between the C and RG.

Coaching Points:

  • For best results, DO NOT sub a faster DE in at the SDT position. In the breakdown, we use Chicago with latest roster updates. If you use another team, look for defensive tackles with similar attributes.
  • The SDT will not always get a clean path at the QB as the C may end up blocking him.
  • Consider having a DT with a high shed blocking rating at the SDT position. Often he will be break free of the block and still apply pressure on the QB.
  • This set up works against both under center and shotgun formations.

Video Breakdown: [jwplayer config=”myplayer” html5_file=http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/44-split-2deep.mp4  file=”http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/44-split-2deep.mp4″ image=http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/44-split-2deep.jpg width=”614″ height=”420″ autoplay=”false”]


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