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Learn all the tips, strategies, and the X’s and O’s to
Master Football Video Games Such as Madden 13 and NCAA 13!!!!!

Want to know how  to dominate your competition in less than 24 hours without using glitches and cheats?  Warning!!!! Below are real football tactics from the Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 13 that you can use right now to take your game to the next level!!!!!

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If you are a serious competitor who wants to take advantage of every opportunity to improve your game…you have come to the right place! If you are not familiar with our  team let me explain why you want us as your coach.

At X’s O’s Football we provide real football strategies and tips that can be easily applied to football video games such as Madden 13 and NCAA 13. Rather than showing cheats and glitches, we show how to apply real football concepts to football video games. For those of you who play in online franchises and leagues, our football video game strategies and tips will help improve your overall game, while not getting you kicked out of the league.

To breakdown the X’s and O’s of football video games, we use our very own custom made program that allows us to break plays down from a unique perspective through the use of telestration, text, and images.

Click Here to view the complete Table of Contents for the Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 13.

passingtactics thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide

Become a Winning Quarterback

qb thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Create Open Receivers on every Play – We provide the most powerful passing concepts and route combinations in the game and teach you how to attack defensive coverages such as Cover 1, Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4, and Cover 6.

qb thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Learn to Read Coverages like a Pro – We teach you to make the right reads on every passing play we breakdown, so you can find the open holes in the defensive pass coverage and punish them..

qb thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Enter our QB Coaches Corner – Learn the skills you need to be an effective QB on the gridiron. We provide tips on using the pocket, total control passing, coverage strengths and weaknesses, and more

qb thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Destroy bump-N-run coverage – Most players blitz with bump-n-run coverage as their core defense. We will show you how to shred that scheme to pieces.

qb thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide It’s all about motion – Motion is one of the most important techniques for improving your passing game. We will teach you to create mismatches, make better coverage reads, and give your playmakers plenty of room to do their thing.

rushingtactics thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide

Improve Your Running Game to Sprint to Success

rb thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Running Attack – Learn to run ball from under center and from the Shotgun formations.

rb thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Optimize your running game to defeat any defensive front – We breakdown techniques to run against defensive fronts. Learning to make the right pre-snap reads will make you a better runner.

rb thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Score more touchdowns – Dominate the red zone with our expert running tactics that will have you scoring touchdowns not field goals.

offensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide

Learn the In’s and Out’s of Some of the More Popular Offensive Schemes in Football

football thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Air Coreyle – Learn how to run one of the most explosive passing schemes in football.

football thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide   Gun Bunch Quads – A brand new formation that is sure to leave defensive coordinators scrambling to defend it.

football thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide  I-Form Tight Auto Motion – We take a look at a four play auto motion schemes from the I-Form Tight that can be used to effectively move the chains.

football thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Pistol Strong Slot – This new offensive formation is sure to get usage online thanks to Cam Newton.

football thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide West Coast  Red Right Close Scheme – Since it’s inception and up until now the West Coast Offense has been an effective passing offensive system to run. We take a look at a scheme that we like to run from the Red Right Close.

coordinatortactics thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide

Study the KEY Offensive Coordinator Tactics you need to win those really tough games

headset thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Learn how to Maximize Your Audibles – Make critical play changes with pre-snap adjustments to respond to what you see from the defense.

headset thumb1 Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Develop a Game Plan for any Situation – Master the tactics for the four critical zones and discover the secrets on playcalling for maximize downs and improve distance.

defensivetactics thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide

Master Lockdown Defenses

de thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Become a Defensive Shapeshifter – There are a ton of shifts and audibles available to you in this year’s football video games. You can create shell defenses and then shift to any coverage you want. All from the line of scrimmage. We give you the pros and cons of these new features so you put the right players at the point of attack.

de thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Learn to Keep Athletic QBs in Check – Last year saw players use Cam Newton and Michael Vick to dominate the game online. This year you can bet players will be using Robert Griffin III to run all over the place. Learn how to stop him in his tracks by using safety spies and other key tactics to shut down the athletic QB.

de thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Dissect every  coverage –  Discover the strengths and weaknesses of every coverage!

de thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Shutdown Aerial Attacks – Blitz schemes from such formations as the 4-3, 3-4, and Nickel that bring the heat. We aren’t talking about glitches or cheese, we bring crazy heat with smoking pressure!

de thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Defensive Adjustments – Master the defensive adjustments to keep your opponent from scoring.

de thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Become the next great Defensive Coordinator – Learn to make the right adjustments to defend just about anything the offense throws at you and frustrate your opponents.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Bend But Don’t Break Defensive Scheme – Learn how to prevent giving up the big play by running a Bend But Don’t Break style defensive scheme.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Blitz Schemes, Concepts, and Techniques – An in-depth look at different types of blitz schemes, concepts and techniques that can used in many football video games.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Containing the Athletic Scheme – Simply but effective defense to run to contain the athletic quarterback in the pocket.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide NASCAR Package and Blitz Schemes – Learn what it’s all about the NASCAR Package, plus a defensive blitz schemes to put pressure on the quarterback.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Red Zone Defensive Scheme – Effective red zone schemes to keep your opponent out of the end zone.

defensiveschemes thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Wide-Nine Defensive Scheme – This new defensive formation brings  pressure all over the place by having the DEs line up wider outside.

playbookanalysis thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide

No One Else Gives You the Tools That we do to Analyze Each and Every Playbook in the Game.

Below is just some of tools we have in the guide to help you analyze playbooks on both sides of the ball, including our exclusive Play Finder 13:

  • All Defensive Formations With Diagrams
  • All Offensive Formations With Diagrams
  • Offensive Formation Finder
  • Offensive Formation Analyzer
  • Offensive Playbook Formation Counts
  • Offensive Playbook Play Counts
  • Defensive Formation Finder
  • Defensive Formation Analyzer
  • Defensive Playbook Formation List With Search
  • Offensive Playbook Formation List With Search
  • Quick Audibles for Each Defensive Playbook
  • Quick Audibles for Each Offensive Playbook
  • Packages for Each Defensive Formation
  • Packages for Each Offensive Formation
  • Play Finder 13
  • Team Playbook Defensive Formations Analyzer
  • Team Playbook Offensive Formations Analyzer
  • Unique Offensive Formations List

teambreakdowns thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide

Use Our Exclusive Team Breakdown Tools to Help You Learn Which Teams Fit Your Style of Offense and Defense.

  • Player Position Ratings
  • Player Position Ratings Analyzer
  • Team Rosters
  • Team Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Team Depth Charts
  • Team Depth Charts Analyzer
  • Team Overviews
  • Team Unit Ratings
  • Team Unit Ratings Analyzer

gametools thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide  

More Tools To Help You Improve Your Game

We have exclusive tools that no one else offers! Wether you drafting players, scouting opposing teams, or looking for playbook filled out play call sheets, we are the ONLY ones that provides these incredible resources.

  • 2-Point Conversion Chart
  • Advanced Blank Offensive Play Call Sheet
  • Interactive Offensive Blank Play Call Sheet
  • Interactive Team Depth Chart Sheets Builder: 4-3 Base
  • Interactive Team Depth Chart Sheets Builder: 3-4 Base
  • Offense Play-By-Play Scouting Sheet
  • Player Personnel Scouting Sheet
  • Team Playbook Filled Out Play Call Sheets

Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 13 Wrap Up

There are a bunch of sites out there that offer little bits of strategy and video. Some have a couple of player ratings, others a couple of play breakdowns, but nobody can match our complete 400+ page guide and over 100 plays broken down. This is the type of information you need to quickly and dramatically improve your game.

You will be getting an absolutely CRAZY amount of content that covers all aspects of game including:

qb thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide The complete guide to the passing game. Using the pocket, pass routes and combinations, hot routes, motion, beating bump and run,  and more!

rb thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide The complete guide to the running game. Running the option, using motion in the running game, short yardage rushing and more!

de thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide The complete guide to lockdown defense. Defensive shifts, coverage breakdowns, defending motion, dealing with play action and more!

 newfeatures thumb Gridiron Guide 13 Digital Guide Comprehensive New Feature guide. If it’s new to the game, it’s new to the guide. We’ll give you complete coverage of :

  • 2 Man Under Auto Press Coverage
  • Ball Hawk Mechanic
  • Base Align: The New Man Lock/Man Lock Off
  • Best on Best
  • Defenders Reset When Moved Forward Once Released
  • Play Action Abort
  • QB Drops
  • Receiver Route Awareness
  • Run/Pass Commit
  • Shift to Bear Fronts
  • Zone Coverage Swapping Logic

Still not convinced that our guide will help improve your game, Click Here to view a sample of  a breakdown that’s in the Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 13.

Special Added Bonus 1: Get Free Access to the X’s O’s Filmroom

As a special added bonus for purchasing the Gridiron Guide 13, get free access to the X’s O’s Filmroom from now until August 05, 2013.

X’s O’s Filmroom Features:

  1. The X”s O’s Filmroom features 3-6 breakdowns weekly of various offensive and defensive plays, using text, images, video with voice over’s and telestration.
  2. Use a mixture of video game & sim style playing. Everybody likes to play a different style of game. Some like a freestyle anything goes experience that might not mimic what you see on Sundays. Others like to play the game to the nth degree of realism. We cater to both styles of players.
  3. Offensive and defensive schemes that can be used to dominate your opponent.

X’s O’s Filmroom Video Breakdown Example:

In this week’s X’s O’s Football video breakdown, we take a look at 3 different set ups from the 4-3 Under – Free Fire that we like to use to get defenders invovled at putting pressure on the quarterback. The first one we show, gets the ROLB a chance to sack the quarterback by sending through the B gap between the left guard and left tackle.

Quick Set Up:

  1. Take control of the MLB and move him between the RG and RT.
  2. Hot route the MLB into a hook zone.
  3. Before the snap, hold down the left trigger (L2) while in control of the MLB,
  4. Once the ball is snapped, continue to hold down the left trigger.
  5. Once the ROLB gets past the line of scrimmage, drops the MLB back into pass coverage.
  6. Call bump-n-run man coverage (optional).

Video Breakdown

[jwplayer config="myplayer" html5_file=" http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/4-3-under-free-fire-v1.mp4video.mp4" 
file=" http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/4-3-under-free-fire-v1.mp4video.mp4" 
image="http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/4-3-under-free-fire-v1.jpg" width="614" height="420" autoplay="false"]

Special Added Bonus 2: Telestrator Light 1.0 tool

For those of you who like to draw up X’s and O’s for Football just like Madden does,  we have added our Telestrator Light 1.0 tool to the Gridiron Guide 13 Guide. The Telestrator Light 1.0 tool does not have all the functionally like the one we use on this site, in the Gridiron Guide, or X’s O’s Filmroom. However, it has enough functionally  to allow you to draw up your own plays and telestrate them.

[wp_lightbox_special_anchor_text_mp4_video link=”http://www.xsosfootball.com/videos/telestrator-tool.mp4video.mp4″ width=”928″ height=”552″ title=”Telestrator Light 1.0 Tool Video Tutorial” text=”To view a video tutorial on how to use the Telestrator Light 1.0 Tool – Click Here “]

Buy Your Copy of the Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 13 for football games like  Madden 13 and NCCA 13 for only $27.95 $12.95

You can spend countless hours trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 13 will accelerate right over the learning curve and help you to fully enjoy the game.

If you are tired of getting schooled online or simple want tips, strategies, and tactics to get more out of your game without having to resort to cheats and glitches that other sites sell, get the Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 13 now and take advantage of our experience and expertise to improve your overall game.

The Football Video Games Gridiron Guide 13 is compatible and can be viewed on the iPad and other mobile devices.

Click the ORDER NOW BUTTON below to place your order:

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  1. I bought the Gridiron Guide 13 and WOW I am impressed. As a longtime fan of VG Sports and Kobra, this guide is a lot like the old Virtual Playbook that they use to release annually. Although, it doesn’t have actual game images, the custom made images are good enough for me to understand what he is showing and explaining. Also, throw in all the tools in the guide, it’s well worth the money I spent on it.


  2. Kobra has done it again! This is an absolutely huge guide with tons of in depth breakdowns. Forget about those quickie video guides out there, this thing is the total package. Each article breaks down the concepts with awesome custom illustrations (not game screen shots) that show you exactly what you need to do. Also, there is a ton of slick tools like the playfinder that are almost worth the price all by themselves. Great job Kobra and keep up the awesome work!

  3. I really like the concept, but before I jump in can you please tell me if the 46 defense is in the guide? And what offensive formations do you cover? I usually run Snugs from the NO PB, any of those plays here?


    • Krueger666, I am going to add a 46 blitz scheme this week, plus a Bear front scheme, and add a compression offensive scheme. Right now, everything that is in the table of contents is what can be viewed as of right now accept for a few of the tools such as the formation analyzer, offensive playbook counts, and depth charts. Those will start going up this week. My plan is to keep adding content and updating content for the next two weeks.


  4. Kobra, first of all thank you very much for the quick answer. I don’t know if you remember me, but I used to follow you on your other site and bought a defensive guide for the 46 (can’t remember the name). Your work is amazing and very very simple to understand. Well done.

    I’ll wait for those 46 schemes to be added, cause I mainly use the 46 and Dime in my games. I didn’t even knew about that Nascar formation lol – ok I’m from Portugal you have to excuse me.

    As for offense, I run a scheme from Snugs Flip, changing with Gun Tight from the NO. Or I used to, in M12, so I’ll wait to see how you break up that compression offense here.

    Many thanks and cheers from Portugal.

  5. Krueger666, I do remember you. Thanks for the support over there, most appreciated. I actually miss the old site as it was place I helped build over the year’s.

    I will make post here and when I new updates to the guide.

    Thanks again,

  6. Thanks everyone so far for the positive feedback. I wanted to make this guide like we use to do. I will keep adding to the guide over the next two weeks. As of right now, it’s pretty good size guide with all the content that has been posted in the Table of Contents.


    • I love your guides but are you gonna use video like with vg?
      it helps me to see the actual setup…and how it’s ran…But the info and diagrams are on the 1.

      • Darly, I plan doing a few video guides this season. Should have at least one out within a few weeks.


  7. Oh my goodness…Kobra has taken football strategy to a whole new level. I have been a fan for the longest time and I must say he has outdone himself. I am a very busy person and his site gives me the tools I need to be a competitive video football gamer. Job well done Kobra.

    Dr. Walter Sims aka ramsballa

  8. I have bought a few strategy guides so far this season. Of the ones I have bought the Gridiron Guide 13 has been by far the best value because of amount of content that is covered.

  9. Thanks Cobra for this great guide!!

    You propbably do not remember me but I have been following and buying your guides since when you started back a VG sport. I just looked through my friends guide here and…. This is a GUIDE!!! This is how it supose to be. Great work! Once I get home, this will be first on my “to do” list, that+s for sure. Great guide and I am a big fan of your work and how you do it. Big thanks

  10. Kimmen26, thanks for the support over the years as it’s most appreciated. I really do enjoy breaking down the X’s and O’s Football .


  11. The guide is full of great information as always. It is helping me develop a west coast offensive west scheme for a madden online league I’m in. I have the Dolphins and I need every bit of advice I can get from your guide to overcome their WR deficiencies. Thanks for putting in the hard work for the guide. I look forward to the upcoming updates.


    • Wildmanjack, can you tell me what name you are using to purchase the guide. I looked up Wildmanjack and it’s not there. You may want to try a different name. Please let me know.


      • I’m on your members list as Wildmanjack. I don’t quite understand why I can’t use it. Check your members list. You should see my name as a member.

        • Wildmanjack, I checked for that name, its not in the database. My guess its from the older site that you signed up for. Check your email for a direct link, hopefully this will help you out.

          • Kobra, thanks for your help. I purchased ” gridiron guide 13.” As usual you produce a very good product.

  12. Hey Kobra, ive been following you for some time. I don’t really play NCAA. Is this product mostly madden? Will you keep updating it like u used to?

    • Darren thanks for the support over the years. A lot of tools are geared towards Madden, but the strategies I would say can be applied to NCAA as well Madden.


  13. Kobra, nice work again! I paid 50$ for another ebook two days ago, and it was garbage. I asked for my money back.

  14. I just found this site while trying to find football information..The book looks extremely informative..maybe too much info..
    I am def getting this book..hell i will get it before i get Madden 13..the breakdowns ( i love defense) are amazing. Even the way he speaks is very clear and concise. Not like vids where they rush what they are saying. Can’t wait to order the book, but do i have to be a member of this site in order to place an order?

  15. Mike, thanks for the positive feedback, but I do want to caution you, the Gridiron Guide 13 is mainly images and text, hardly any videos outside of the Gun Bunch scheme.


  16. Awesome guide Kobra!! It has definitely improved my game but I’m still struggling with one thing I hope you can help with. I play in an OD where the guys basically press cover every play. This makes it very difficult for any pre-snap reads because the receivers can’t get off the line. The press coverage guide helps if it’s man, but if they fall back into zone, banking on that one receiver hinders me. Any ideas or pointers?!

  17. I just took a look at the table of contents for the book…Dear God that thing sounds loaded with info..how can i order the book? Do you guys take Visa? Is this an ebook or a hardback? How long will shipping take? I want to order this book tomorrow 🙂

    • Mike, it’s web based, meaning you login on to password protected site to view the guide. There is no ebook or or hardback to worry about.


  18. I never played or bought Madden before, but after looking over the site and looking at what’s in the Gridiron Guide 13 table of contents, I think I am going snag me a copy of Madden 13 for the PS3.

      • Mike, there is no printable version of the guide, but you can print off the material for each page viewed as you would any other web site.

        I hope that helps.


  19. Kobra,

    Thanks…by the way your Gridiron Guide is FANTASTIC !!!

    Wonderful job !! I am learning a lot reading it. It makes even watching football games on TV that much enjoyable understating better some of the coverage’s and strategy’s while seeing game flow and replays.

    I have always loved watching football games as well as playing Madden , but have never really understood some of the terminologies, formations and strategies that are regularly thrown out watching any game.

    I have picked up so much knowledge from reading this guide, and can now look for specific things during any game – and understand so much more now when replays are described on TV by analyst etc.

    I have mainly played against the computer for Madden and now understand the game so much better.

    Thanks for a great Gridiron 13 Football game.. WELL WORTH THE $ 20 !!!!! after only week one of the season !!!


  20. As much as i am a fan of Kobra and everything he does…this wasnt the guide for me if u use a custom playbook then you could be able to get alot of use out of it or you new to football or madden then it is a great pick up but alot of the tactics and stuff in this book i cant use in my online leagues …i personally wasted my money but like i said those that are new to madden or want to learn more bout the game of football then i recommend this to you

    • Classic, no problem, I have always appreciated your feedback. I know not everyone is going to like it. I tried to do what I could with what I could work with. I added ton of tools in hopes to make this more than just a strategy guide, but also I resource guide as well.


  21. I’ve been a loyal fan of yours since VG. It was a dark day when you thought you couldn’t do this any more. I still have that email. Glad to be able to give you another $20 of my hard earned cash.

    Keep up the good work.
    Dwayne aka D-Smitty aka smittymet (VG name)

  22. Big Kobra this is Derrick LivefromCT forever loyal fan from Madden 2004. So what happen to VG? and I’m ready to try out your new guide as well.

    • Derrick thanks for the support for all these years. As far as VG Sports goes there were some internal issues that caused the company to have to shutdown, plus sell the maddentips.com site. I can’t really go into much more detail than that.


  23. Keep up the good work Kobra my 1st ebook was your Run-N-Gun pb you did for vgsports after that I was hooked. It helped me read coverages build on my plays. I’m for sure getting this Guide.

  24. Stopplying, thanks. I remember when I did that guide, it was on DVD. Matter of fact I was looking at it the other day. I actually got a big smile on my face watching it.


  25. I have a few questions … If I buy this guide I can log in at anytime and you constantly add content to it or is it just whatever is there is there ? Do you cover the Giants PB on Defense and Offense ? I only use these books and want to able to score at will and I need a shutdown formula on defense. No matter what I call I am allowing 30 or more points per game and that is unacceptable. I can’t afford to lose.

  26. I need to know what is the best scheme for Giants in Online CC . I don’t know what to do when it comes to this . Players change based on scheme. Is best left at default or change them ? When you change the scheme from the deafult it seems to bring up overall but is that deceiving ?

    • Wuza, personally, we would run a balanced type offense with them. They got a good quarterback, good set of receivers, plus runningback. As far as changing there actual scheme in the game, it shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

  27. JK, as far as updates for the Gridiron Guide 13, the only updates we are adding is mainly for teams and playbooks. We are in the process of adding all the offensive playbook quick audibles. However, the X’s O’s Filmroom, which everyone who purchases the Gridiron Guide 13, gets free access until March 1st, 2013, we do updates each week. I can’t tell you how many plays in the Grirdiron Guide 13 or X’s O’s Filmroom are in their for the Giants playbook. I am sure their are some plays covered. Also, if you got plays or formations from the a specific playbook you like to see added to the X’s O’s Filmroom, we can do that.

    X’s O’s Staff

  28. I just need to know that if I am going to give $20 that the playbook that I used is covered. I want to be as deep as possible when it comes to play calling to the point that I can be 50plays deep . If I get what I am looking for and my game explodes , I can tell you this that I will be a loyal member from here on out .

  29. Looking into Getting this, I’m in an online league and a lot of guys man bump and we can’t use motion snap fades and the like can this book still help?

  30. Josh, I’ll be up front with you, many of the plays shown in the Gridiron Guide 13 use motion to beat bump-n-run man coverage. However, there are plays in the guide where motion is not used. Also, in the X’s O’s Fimroom, there will be plays added to it that don’t use motion starting next week as we have a few request asking non-motion plays to beat man coverage.

    I hope that helps,

  31. I definitely appreciate the honesty. How about the defense in here? Is there a ton of moving guys around and stacking Lbs behind DL? It still sounds like a guide that would be worth it.

  32. Josh, as far as blitz schemes go, I don’t like to move defenders outside of the one that I control. The blitz set ups are pretty easy to set up and are what I like to call league friendly. Meaning they won’t get you in trouble with your league commish.

  33. I’m confused. you said to hold the L2 button. holding the L2 button will make the center or the right guard block me? Also, no matter what website i go on..i can’t find anything about madden’s best on best feature. is this something that i can activate in the game or does it automatically?

    • Mike, the L2 button will get the offensive linemen across from the defender that you are control with to look to block him if in some zone coverage. However, if you do it to often with the same defense, the offensive linemen may adjust to it. As far as best on best, it’s feature that is part of game that has been added that is automatically done. Now this doesn’t mean that the top corner will cover the top receiver on every down. What it means if you come out in say a nickel defense, the linebacker will not slide out to cover the slot receiver, instead the NB will.

  34. 3 things that i wonder if this guide can help me with..

    1) Blitzing..no matter what blitz i call, i can never get to the quarterback.

    2) stopping passes over the middle..i shade the safeties to the middle..still can stop it.

    3) offense. what to do when the defense plays man.

  35. Mike, there a good amount of blitz schemes in the guide that are easy to set up, plus get pressure on the QB. Not much on the guide as far stopping passes over the middle, but that can be added to the Filmroom. There is a good amount plays in the book to beat man coverage. However, many of those plays require motion.

    I hope that helps,

  36. Ok…next paycheck i have to give this book a try..i have seen alot of books, that cost more and it’s just offense..or certain plays on offense. This book seems to have alot…Now here is my story..i had a birthday party for my son recently..(2 weeks ago) my nephew stopped by to play me in madden…Now, he is 20 years younger than me..but..damn…in front of my family and friends, he beat me 49-3!!! The score, believe it or not, does not indicate how bad the game was.I need help in every facet of the game..Not only did he beat me, he honestly took my manhood LOL..and i want it back..will this guided really help me..help me get the skills i need to compete at least? 🙂

  37. Mike, the guide was designed to cover a lot different aspects of the game as far as X’s and O’s are concerned. We made it point to stay away from glitches and cheats. A good portion of the strategies that are broken down have been stuff we have used over the years that have worked for us and still work in this year’s game, including reading pass coverages, route combos, tips on running the ball, and blitz techniques. Also there is good amount of tools such as the play finder, call sheets, telestrator, and quick audible sheets.

    X’s O’s Staff

  38. Cool..excellent..because i will need all of that and them some..as a 40 year old gamer (been playing since pong) o realize that i lost a reflex or 2, but i thought i was a least smart when it came to blitzing and playcalling..Thanks Kobra..can’t wait until i get this.

  39. Kobra, is paypal the only way that i can order? i never used it before. my wife has it but she’s away overseas for 2 weeks. i saw the code BLACKFRIDAY30 and i am trying to get this before your sale runs out 🙁

    • Mike, no, it can be ordered without a pay pal account. Once you get to the Pay Pal site, there is option to order it with a pay pal account. However, still need a credit card to place the order.


  40. i kept trying..my debit card is fine..but for some reason it keeps saying that i can’t use it, even though it is a visa 🙁

  41. How did I ever play football without this guide? Kobra is the man! You get a sick amount of information for a low price! This guide is an absolute steal. Glad I bought it. I’ll subscribe every year as long as you keep doing what you are doing!

  42. Mike thanks for the feedback. I put a lot of time into it and I am glad that helps you with your game.


  43. It’s true Kobra. Even if you sold this guide, at say, the crossed out price of $27.95, it’s still a steal. I actually now find myself labbing. Something that i thought I would ever do. This guide is by far the most informative guide for Madden that I have ever seen, and will gladly tell people about. At $12.95, people are getting this guide practically free. Anyone reading this needs to take full advantage of it. The filmroom? Oh don’t get me started about the Film Room. At first i thought not having madden screens was a bad thing, but the telestrator tool/system is way better. The explanations of the plays that you explain are CLEAR, NOT RUSHED, AND CONCISE! I don’t how i didn’t find out about your site sooner. My wife says that she likes your accent LOL..All in all, no guide comes close to the wealth of info, the presentation that this guide offers. Although i need to reread how to stop the run, because i am getting killed LOL

  44. Kobra! hey man…it’s Militant X 1 here brah! it’s been ahwile. how you been? question: does this guide have a lot of 3-4 stuff? i run the Ravens and use their Dbook which has the following 3-4 formations in them that i want to take advantage of: 3-4: Odd, Predator, Over Ed and Even.


    • Militant X 1, thanks for dropping in. The guide itself doesn’t have a lot of 3-4 in it. It does have 3-4 Over. In the Filmroom there is some more 3-4 breakdowns. Also I adding more 3-4 to the Filmroom over the next few weeks.



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