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Gun Ace Twins – Posts


A play out of the Gun Ace Twins that we like to run to get the runningback isolated one on one coverage by sending him out wide is called Posts.

Quick Play Breakdown:

The Gun Ace Twins – Posts has the split end (X) running a 15-yard deep post and is the plays default  primary receiver. The slot (B) runs a 8-yard corner. The left tight end (Y) runs a shoot route towards the left flat. The right tight end runs a 10-yard corner.

Playbooks Found In:

  • Giants
  • Lions
  • Titans

Quick Set Up:

  • Hot route the TE1 (A) on a streak.
  • Motion the runningback out to the right.

Pass Reads Order If Man Coverage Is Called:

  1. RB (RB)
  2. TE1 (RB)
  3. SE (X)
  4. TE2 (Y)
  5. SL (B))

gun ace twins posts reads thumb Gun Ace Twins   Posts

Coaching Points:

  • Consider snapping the ball before runningbacks sets. This will help make he is not jammed the line of scrimmage.
  • If man coverage is called, he should be open once he breaks towards the middle of the field.
  • The reason we hot route the TE1 on a streak is to draw the strong safety deep and away from where the runningback is running his pass route if 2 Man Under is called.
  • If the runningback is not open, work your way from right to left when making your pass reads.
  • If a blitz is called, there should be enough time to throw to the runningback once he breaks over the middle. If not, look throw the ball to the TE2 in the flat.
  • This play can be run as is without using motion and hot routing the TE1. The runningbacks angle route is very effective against man and zone coverage.

Video Breakdown:


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