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Gun Doubles – RB Wheel


Wheel routes run by the runningback are a great way to attack Cover 3 zone coverage by getting him down side line for a big play. Not only is there an opportunity to throw deep to the runnningback, the ball can also be thrown to him in the flat area before he breaks up the field.

Play Diagram and Quick Play Breakdown:

gun doubles rb wheel2 thumb Gun Doubles   RB Wheel

The Gun Doubles–  has the runningback running a wheel route the right side line. The flanker, runs a go route. The tight end, runs a flat route to the right. The slot receiver runs a flat route to the left. The split end runs a 10-yard curl.

Play Used To Create Play/Concept:

gun doubles curl flats2 thumb Gun Doubles   RB Wheel

Playbooks Found In:

  • Brian Billick
  • Buccaneers
  • Colts
  • Cowboys
  • Lions
  • Panthers
  • Pass Balanced
  • Redskins
  • Run n Gun
  • Steelers
  • Texans

Quick Set Up:

  • Hot route the runningback on a wheel route.
  • Hot route the flanker on a streak.

Pass Reads Order:

  1. TE (A)
  2. RB (RB)
  3. SL (Y)
  4. SE (X)

rb wheel reads2 thumb Gun Doubles   RB Wheel

Coaching Points:

  • The idea behind this passing concept is to get the runningback open down the right sideline for a big play deep down the field.
  • By hot routing the flanker on a streak, he will force the left cornerback to go cover him deep down the field. This will give the runningback more room to pick up yardage after the catch is made.
  • If the tight end runs a shoot route towards the right flat, to hold the flat defender.
  • This concept can be created from most formations in the game.
  • On the backside, there is a curl/flat combo that is ran between the split end and flanker. This another great route combo to look for to attack over 3 coverage.

Video Breakdown:

[s3video url=”http://p.redkobra.ultimatefootball.netdna-cdn.com/vod/redkobra.ultimatefootball/gun-doubles-rb-wheel.mp4″ splash=”http://p.redkobra.ultimatefootball.netdna-cdn.com/vod/redkobra.ultimatefootball/gun-doubles-rb-wheel.jpg” preload=”none” responsive=”on” /]



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