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Gun Pack Trips – Four Verticals


For this Madden Tips breakdown, we take a look at a play from the Packers playbook called Gun Pack Trips – Four Verticals. What we like about this play is it gives us a chance to take a deep shot the down the field.

Madden Playbooks Found In:

  • Packers

Hot Routes and Adjustments:

  1. Hot route the halfback on a streak.
  2. Send the halfback in motion so he lines up in the left slot.

Pass Reads Vs Zone Coverage:

  • Flanker
  • Middle Slot
  • Inside Slot
  • Halfback
  • Split End

Madden Tips For This Play:

  • When making your reads, look to throw from right to left. Normally, we will look throw to middle slot receiver, then the inside slot receiver, and finally the halfback, who we have motioned in the slot if Cover 3 coverage is called.
  • Watch to see if the safety cheats towards one of hash marks. If he does, throw to the opposite site.
  • If Cover 2 zone coverage is called, we will look to throw to one of the outside receivers down the left or right sideline.
  • There is only a five man protection scheme, so make sure you stay in the pocket.
  • If a blitz is called, look to throw to one of the inside receiver.
  • One thing you may consider doing is hot routing the split end and flanker on deep comeback routes. They will give you options to throw to if Cover 4 coverage is called.

Video Breakdown:



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