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Gun Y-Trips HB Wk – Levels Switch


A popular passing concept that many pro teams run to attack zone coverage is the levels passing concept. In this X’s O’s Filmroom breakdown, we take a look at the version of this concepts called Levels Switch.

Note: this breakdown is taken from the X’s O’s Filmroom. Fore more info about the X’s O’s Filmroom, please CLICK HERE.

Play Diagram and Quick Play Breakdown:

gun trips hb wk levels switch Gun Y Trips HB Wk – Levels Switch The Gun Y-Trips HB Wk – Levels Switch a high-low passing concept that has one receiver will run a shorter in route. Another receiver runs a deeper in route. It is designed to attack zone coverage by attacking an isolated defender at two different levels. As the receivers run their routes towards the middle of the field, they force the isolated defender to cover the high receiver or the low receiver.

Playbooks Found In:

  • Brian Billick
  • Broncos

Quick Set Up Vs Zone Coverage:

  • None

Pass Reads Order Vs Zone Coverage:

  1. SL (RB)
  2. SE (X)
  3. TE (A)

Coaching Points If Zone Coverage Is Called:

  • This play is most effective against zone defenses where there are only one or two defenders dropping back in hook zones.
  • Look for the slot as he comes over the short middle of the field on his quick in route.
  • Against Cover 4 coverage, the split end is open once he breaks towards the side line.
  • The tight end may be open over the deep middle if the hook zone defenders come up to cover the slot or flanker.

Video Breakdown:[youtube]http://youtu.be/2uCP3gXRBfk[/youtube]


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