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Madden 12 Franchise Tips: Trading 101


In this Madden 12 Franchise Tips breakdown, we take a look at some basic Madden 12 offline franchise tips when it comes to trading players Vs the CPU that can help with building a stronger team once the game is released in late August.

Trading Players

Trading in the NFL does not happen as much as some may think. Most of the player movement is done by free agency, however in Madden, that’s just not the case. For those of you who have played in online franchise leagues you know that trading is one of most important parts of building a team. All 32 owners are trying to shark each other out of players. We know from experience how lop sided deals can be.

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When trading against the CPU, it can also lead to some lob sided trades as well. The CPU in Madden NFL 12 really makes you work to pull off trades. You will find more often times than not, the CPU owner will come out on the better end. Here are few Madden Tips:

  • When trading with the CPU, try to look at CPU teams needs. Many times you will pull off trades by giving up players that the CPU really needs to improve its team.
  • Look at your depth chart and see what you have on the bench. If you have quality halfbacks, but lack a cornerback, trade one of halfbacks.
  • Look at the ages of the players you are giving up. Old players won’t improve and will start decline. You might as well trade them and get something in return.
  • If you decide to give up draft picks, look to see what the season’s NFL draft has to offer. If it’s a weak draft, then consider giving up draft picks. This really applies to the end of the year, right before the draft. Also, if you play NCAA and import draft classes you should have a good feel for the draft as well.
  • If you decide to go after an old player with high overall rating because you want to win now, consider the consequences later down the road. It might be worth it if it will take you to the Super Bowl.
  • If you have a young star on an otherwise poor team, you can get multiple quality players with a trade. Might be worth it to get your whole team competitive instead of having just one star.
  • Don’t forget to look at player traits to make sure the player you are wanting to trade for fits your style of play.
  • Player roles play an important apart in your teams overall performance and should not be overlooked when making trades as some players can bring up your team, while others can bring your team down.


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