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Phillyron over at Madden101 has posted an article about what a nano blitz really is. Below is the full post and video.

Its amazing that Madden 12 has been out for several months now and there still isn’t any serious heat to be discovered in the game. I find myself in a bit of a dilemma as to if I should release this blitz or not. On one hand I have the competitive Madden community, who would praise me for finding this and bringing it to their attention. On the other hand I have the casual online players and my contact at EA that may be hurt if I release this and change the way the game of Madden is played.

For now, I will show a brief clip of the blitz, just so you can see what a Nano blitz really is. There has been to much misleading information out there about creating great pressure and nano blitzing, when the people saying it have never seen a true Nano.
Out of respect for the true Madden leggings, like Lou Tillery, Cocky Lou, Curly Topp, Fonk, Ice Ellis and many others here is a blitz that deserves the name of NANO.


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