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Pistol Strong – Spacing


A popular passing concept that can be found in every playbook throughout Madden 13 is the Spacing concept. For those of you who run the Pistol Strong, you are in luck as it can be used to attack both man and zone coverage. In this Madden Tips breakdown, we look to the flanker.

pistol strong spacing1 Pistol Strong   Spacing The Pistol Strong – Spacing has the split end, who is the plays primary default receiver, running a slant route. Against bump-n-run man coverage, the split end gets separation from the defender covering him once he beats the press and breaks towards the inside. If zone coverage is called, the receiver that generally is the best option to throw the ball to is the flanker, who runs a short curl route after he is sent in auto motion.

Playbooks Found In:

  • Panthers

Quick Set Up Vs Zone Coverage

  • Hot route the HB on a swing route to the left.

Pass Reads Vs Zone Coverage:

  • Look to throw to the FL once he curls back towards the QB.
  • Look to throw the FB or HB in the flats if a zone blitz is called.
  • The SE, who runs the backside slant is a good option, just watch for a defend dropping into a hook zone.

Coaching Points If Zone Coverage Is Called:

  • Against Cover 3 and Cover 4 coverage, the FL should be open once he curls back towards the QB.
  • If Cover 2 zone coverage is called, look for the TE, who runs the spot route over the short middle of the field.
  • If man coverage is called, look for the SE on the backside slant.

Video Breakdown:[jwplayer config=”myplayer” html5_file=”http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/pistol-strong-spacing-vs-zone.mp4″ file=”http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/pistol-strong-spacing-vs-zone.mp4″ image=”http://xsos-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/pistol-strong-spacing-vs-zone.jpg” width=”614″ height=”420″ autoplay=”false”]


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